Shady plugin developers gets mod friend to edit his name out of my post

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Rewtie, Sep 15, 2020.

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  1. Beware of doing business with <redacted> . I've been a supporter of his for years, purchasing numerous plugins from him over years, and he is refusing to give me access to <redacted> on the marketplace he moved it to because he says I gave him the money for it too long ago, and now wants even more money to regain access to it. He tried saying its not his fault spigot removed it, but its his choice to not add me to the buyer list of the plugin when he can clearly see I purchased that plugin and various other plugins from him. Didn't offer me any type of discount, didn't even offer me the one download for the version I need. Just offered me access to the original version I purchased, which was for minecraft version 1.7.10. I told him I don't understand why he is making me purchase it again when I've had it for years and then he blocked me. Unbelievable. Just a very shady way to do business and get more buys on an old plugin. Just beware before you purchase any of his plugins. He will probably delete it and then make you pay for it again on whatever marketplace he goes to next.

    @ the mod that edited and locked my last post, just cause it's rude doesn't mean you can edit his name out. Pretty rude of him to take my money and not give me the product I paid for if you ask me. I'm not breaking any rules. Also, to the other guy that replied to my last thread, name one other plugin on here that makes you pay for every update. Buyers should be aware of this shady plugin dev.
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  2. So the mod locks/edits your thread, and your first thought was the create the same thread again?
    You know they're just going to re-lock it and edit it?

    Come on bud!!!

    Posting the same thread again when literally locked and basically asked not to, is just going to get you punished further.

    For when the mod sees this, here is a quick link to the previous same thread that was locked:
    Shady plugin developer
  3. Edited and locked for no reason other than the mod is the plugin developers friend. Punished for breaking what rules exactly?
  4. No, edited and locked for posting a thread that is straight up harassing another community member, because your entitled self didn't get his/her way.

    Your thread was locked for a reason, and you are bypassing that lock by creating the same thread. TRUST ME, I've been there, you're most likely going to get a warning!
  5. Harassing another member? Lol I'm just posting facts. I'm sooo entitled for wanting the plugin that I purchased, huh? I feel like the community should know of his shady selling practices since he doesn't let his buyers know beforehand that they will have to purchase the plugin again on a different market when he needs more money. Didn't post this to argue with anyone so this will be the last time I reply, and if its gets locked/edited I will just post it again so people are aware of the way he does business.
  6. As posted in the previous thread, a link to the resource guidelines. You purchased the resource at the time it was published. You are not entitled to updates, support etc. The plugin dev COULD have dropped the plugin the day after your purchase. Welcome to the wonderful world of software.

    You're acting entitled thinking you purchased a lifetime offer from this dev. If the dev removed the resource from this website or the staff removed it, and they are posting it on another website, and the dev doesn't offer you said resource on the new site, so be it. AGAIN, you are NOT entitled to future updates, you did NOT purchase a lifetime license to said resource.

    So yeah, your post is totally harassing the dev of said resource. HECK the resource isn't even on this website anymore, the resource is on a new website, so your dealings at this point have nothing to do with All you're doing is harassing a member because again, you didn't get your way.
  7. SpigotMC is not a middle person, just a platform that allows plugin developers to publish their plugins for free or at a cost. Those licenses include at least a one time download and the author can decide to drop support after it's first release or whatsoever.

    Does the plugin cost about 15-20 ish? Well just support that poor developer again as he put already more time into updating it for you and the rest of the users for I'd bet lower than the minimum wage when I'll be counting it on the hours.

    PS: Your account could get banned for this.
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  8. From the Premium Resource Guidelines:

    "...there should be no expectation when purchasing a resource that the resource will be updated or maintained beyond what is currently provided... We do not guarantee that they will be available in the future."
  9. It may not be ethical, but he has the right do this. It is what it is.
  10. Still a dick move to ask for money for a plugin someone has already bought. All of the work of plugin developers would be null and void if it wasn't for free, much more time-intensive projects that made them possible to begin with, most notably Spigot itself. And then there are people who still try to squeeze the last few bucks out of their in comparison effortless work. Premium plugin culture is cancer.
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