Shared Hosting vs OpenVZ VPS

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  1. Hello!

    I'm looking to create a server and I'm still looking for hosting I've found three main options at this point

    Netherbyte- shared
    DemonVPS- OpenVZ VPS
    VolumeDrive- OpenVZ VPS

    The main thing is what are the pros/con's of these. Also, I'm worried about running out of a bandwidth since DemonVPS only has 1.2TB of bandwidth. How many average players could that run with Spigot? The other thing is overselling. I know all of these can oversell, but how much is probably different. Finally, what did you guys start on and how do you suggest I start with hosting? I'm trying to be uber careful about not wasting money.

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  2. SeismicSquid

    I personally started with shared hosting for cheapness, then moved on to (OpenVZ), and now have a dedicated server. I've never had any of the hosters you mentioned, but I can say CreeperHost doesn't oversell too bad.

    I've heard many people say OpenVZ isn't good for Minecraft hosting, but I never had problems so I'm interested to see what others have to say. I think if you give us a rough budget, we can help you out on where to start out at.
  3. blakerandy97 Around $20 now, but I will stretch a little if it offers much more,
  4. I'd say grab a good shared host, then make sure they aren't reselling OVH. At least from my experience, VPS's are much more money compared to shared hosts, but thats just from what I've seen. IMO though, get a dedicated server as soon as you get to 8GB+ in RAM.