Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting | What the best option for you?

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  1. So scrolling a bit through this forum I noticed many people recommend a VPS for Minecraft hosting when in some cases it might not be the best option in my opinion. In this thread I will break down what is the best hosting for you. At the end of this thread I have included a list of reputable companies.

    1. Installing & Securiry

    VPS: With a VPS you need to install many things like a database, a control panel, etc. It is very important that this is done in a secure way if you want to run a successful MC server. If you go with a VPS you should get familiar with this, if you aren't familiar already.

    Shared: With a shared host you don't need to install anything. When choosing a reputable hosting company they will make sure the panel they offer and the data they save is secure, taking extra steps most individuals might not think, or care about.

    2.Shared resources

    VPS: A general misconception is that VPS's have dedicated resources that are not shared with anyone else but in some/most cases this is not the case. A VPS hosting provider is still able to overallocate resources, meaning that if a server has 64GB of ram and 500GB of storage they can still sell for example 100GB of ram and 1000GB of storage. If you want true dedicated resources you should look for a VDS* or Dedicated Server (Small note: these are more expensive most of the time)

    Some words you might run into when looking for a VPS provider.

    • KVM > KVM is true virtualization where the VPS operates as its own server, independently of the host node. KVM has no restrictions in terms of functionality. KVM is generally more stable than OpenVZ.
    • OpenVZ > OpenVZ is a container style of virtualization which relies on the host node's kernel. OpenVZ is constrained by the host node kernel, but it has less overhead in the containers themselves.
    • ( * = VDS > A Virtual Dedicated Server offers true dedicated resources that can not be shared by any other users.)

    Shared: As the name implies, with shared hosting users share resources, meaning that extra memory is only added to the server if it is requested and the same goes for storage. This isn't necessarily bad as long as the host doesn't overallocate too much that it causes problems for the users. Most reputable companies monitor their servers carefully to make sure this doesn't happen.

    3. Costs

    VPS: Generally a VPS with the same specs as a shared host is more expensive, this is because you can do more things on a VPS that isn't only limited to Minecraft. It is also related to the fact most VPS's use more memory so less users can share 1 node.

    Shared: Shared hosting is in almost all cases cheaper. Some shared hosts even offer hosting as low as $1/GB. In most cases when you pay less you will get less powerful hardware and less support. Also most of the time these companies havent been in business for more than a year or are not legally registered so be careful with the host you choose. I do need to say, with some companies the above is not the case.

    4. Custom features

    VPS: A VPS will never have custom features, unless you want to invest a good amount of money in it. When installing any panel for example you will always use the stock panel (Which isn't necessarily a bad thing). In some cases pre-made addons are available to download/buy.

    Shared: Due to large amounts of competition in the Minecraft industry many hosts invest heavily in custom features to lure in customers. These are features individuals would not be able to afford, or would not be viable to make.

    5. Conclusion

    • Upside: A VPS is perfect for people who are familiar with working with SSH and want to host multiple things on one machine, like a website and server, or run a large server and are looking for more stable performance. It is also a good option for people who want to have more control over their own server, like storing their own databases or setting up their own firewall.
    • Downside: More expensive than shared hosting, will not offer many custom features and needs a good knowledge about SSH.
    • Upside: Shared hosting is perfect for people who want to start their own servers, or that run a small to medium sized server (~30 playersbase) who dont want to worry about security and who want to make use of the custom features shared hosts offer.
    • Downside: Does not give a whole lot of customization and in some cases less stable performance.
    6. List of reputable companies

    To get a place on this list hosting companies must meet the following conditions:
    • Legally registered.
    • Been in business for more than 12 months.
    • Must have positive reviews and have build a reputation in the hosting community.
    >> Do you have a great experience with a host that is not on the list, and want to share it? Leave a reply below and I will check it out and if it meets the conditions above it will be added to the list. <<

    Verified VPS Hosting Companies:
    - List removed by admin for advertising

    Verified Shared Hosting Companies:
    - List removed by admin for advertising
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