Sharing items between servers

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  1. Hello. Is there a way to share items between 2 servers?
    So if i have 3 dirt blocks on server #1 and type /server 2, the items will be transported from server #1 to server #2 and same thing with server #2?
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    Would once again need a bungee & bukkit plugin, or bukkit and MySQL.
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    Or just have a bukkit plugin use SQL.
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  4. Favorlock


    Depends on how you want the items shared I suppose. Would you be sharing the items across two worlds, one on each server, or just across the servers in whole? I do know that some of the Bukkit plugins for inventory management do use MySQL, so that is a possibility.
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  5. There is a bukkit plugin named inventorysql but in pretty sure its abonded and noones going to update it unøess you. Get someone to do it
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  6. Its between 2 different servers hosted on same machine. The items would be transported before the player actually ''teleports'' to that server. A message ''transporting items'' would be good. What plugin should i use for that?
    And thanks for fast response.
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    You won't find a plugin that does it because you technically don't "transport" items. You can synchronize items across the servers with sql.
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    In fact you can transport items.
    Transporter allows this via gates.
    Inventory from server1 can go to server2 and then back to server1.
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    Transporter is bloatware in my opinion. Way too much involved with it.
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  10. Ash


    Well you could simply create something like a virtual-chest but instead of having it on a flatfile based system it can be via mysql? thus you could have some sort of permission like /chest to open up the chest GUI or a sign based system? i could see this useful :D
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  11. Its not what im out after.
  12. Already have Bungeecord servers. Just need a plugin for that.
  13. Ash


    Ahem, you could also make the plugin force all of your inventory to the "virtual chest" that is hooked up with a mysql (Nobody has access to open the chests) and then when you land in the new server the plugin gives you back all the items.
    This could be helpful maybe also making a system to block items that are banned in that server, would not require a bungee-cord plugin because it just will be working off a mysql table ;)
  14. Isnt that just a way too tricky to do?
  15. *Renames item to DROP ALL TABLES;
  16. A Minecraft SQL Injection? Wonder if any servers are actually open to that kind of attack?