Spigot ShatteredScrolls 2.0.0

Teleport and warp with scrolls, in style!

  1. Nice concept for an rpg server!
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  2. Thank you! That's what I was going for when I started writing this plugin.
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    Naming Update

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  4. For anyone following this, I've prepared a beta for the crafting tweaks. It's available on the Support Discord.
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    Crafting Update

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  6. Hi mate,
    Is it possible to make the scrolls renewable?
    For example, if you use a scroll 4 times, you can place it in the crafting table with the 4 ender pearls and get back a new scroll. I'd like to be able to renew the scroll instead of replacing it!
  7. Hope to support 1.12!
    Such a good plugin should support more version to make more server use it
  8. It's on my list of things to figure out, but getting the recipe to respond correctly is difficult.

    Theoretically this has support for 1.12.2, but it's not been tested on that version so I can't guarantee anything. If you try it and have issues, join the discord and shoot me a message.

    As always, I provide faster support on the support discord.
  9. Haven't had time to test this but it looks nice.
    Is it possible to name the place the scroll tp you to? And uhm... Thread more than 3 month old, it's still being updated?
  10. It's possible to name the place, I have an example of that somewhere on the discord server. It's being updated in that I'm working on a new version of it that'll make that feature even better. If you want updates, I'd check back on the main plugin page and join the discord.
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  11. Well, beside that it seems great. It's possible to name them in an anvil but if they have multiple uses they revert the name back after a use. Not a problem for me thought. I use another plugin that let me make custom recipes and custom drops and mobs drop "torn paper" that you put nine of in a workbench to make a teleport scroll with one charge. :)
  12. The issue here is that in order to keep things clean (updating lore, placeholders, applying changes from the config, etc.), I'm recreating the scroll every time it's used, so it's name gets set. I can look into keeping whatever the name of the stack is in the new version, but that new version is still about a week out by my estimate.
  13. No need for my sake. I just mentioned that they could be renamed in anvil and still works. I like they way I use it now. They earn torn papers during play and can make a one-charge-scroll when they have nine peaces of paper. The can then name them when they memories a place. It's perfect. Only one use is perfect as well, to easy othervise. ;)
  14. Look like a great plugin but can add compatibility to 1.16.1 please?
  15. Dev builds for v2 support 1.16.1. Get them here, and make sure you grab ShatteredCore here. You'll want the dist versions of both.
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