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better than libs

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    Sheepcraft-DisguiseAPI - better than libs

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  2. Nothing more?

    No more description about it? You try to describe better than Lib's Disguises but why?
    What are the features? How many disguise types?
  3. the main reason it is better than Lib's is because Lib's spawn the mob and you can see the mobs and if it is a player model you can't see much yet this plugins replace your model and than the mob/player can't get in the way so you can see.

    the amount of Disguises are 15 atm i am adding more in the next update/the type of Disguise are just MOB and BIPED but that dose not need to go into your plugin it is just so i can add more Mobs

    features this is a Disguise plugin that is the Main features
  4. What do you mean? If you're disguised as another player you can see the disguise from 3rd view?

    And it's better than Lib's Disguises just for that? Lib's Disguises has a lot of disguises and manages them very well.

    Write the reasons of why it's as you say better than Lib's Disguises in main description. Because to switch from Lib's Disguises, good reasons are needed.
  5. not like 3rd person like what hypixel have because they use Lib's and when you pick a disguise it put you invisible and spawn the mob/Entity but this plugin changes your model to the mob/Entity
  6. I don't see how it's possible to completely change the model of the player. I'll try it.
  7. You're really saying this is better than Lib's Disguises? It's absolutely not. It doesn't even start your main class doesn't extend JavaPlugin.
  8. oops i forgot to add that in just give me a sec and i will update the plugin
  9. Still not fixed. Did you test what you uploaded?

    Making an object through Main Class, very bad idea it will throw an error.
    Apparently "lying" about the features it gives. It doesn't replace the model at all.
    Says better than lib's Disguises, for apparently no reasons.
    And simply not working.
  10. this plugin dose work because it is working for me and my friends
  11. ...
    It generates an error that plugin.yml isn't contained by the Jar.
    How could it work without extending JavaPlugin?
    And finally, you're making an object through the Main Class. You know that the main class can't be instanced twice or it would throw an error?
  12. the Plugin.yml is in the .jar file

    and it now it does have extends JavaPlugin
  13. "you're making an object through the Main Class. You know that the main class can't be instanced twice or it would throw an error?"

    The error thrown by the plugin on start says it's not. Are you sure it's in src?
    Also for a library using Maven and making a repo is advised so it can be used as Maven Dependency.
  14. yes i am sure that it is in the src but i will check and i don't use Maven
  15. So learn, because Maven is a lot used and is a must have for dependencies.
  16. It is not a must have because all my plugin don't use maven
  17. And what? Because your plugins don't use it, it's not a must have? All libs should use Maven and almost all do.

    Fix your lib or delete it because letting a non-working lib saying "better than libs" is not normal.
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  19. i am fixing it just calm down