Shockbyte or Meloncube

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Shockbyte or Meloncube

  1. Shockbyte

  2. Meloncube

  1. I've been wondering about Shockbyte and Meloncube on which one is better. Do anyone have an idea?
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  2. We (Shockbyte) use much more powerful hardware than MelonCube, and at a lower cost. Our CPUs are 160% the speed of MelonCube's and our disk speed is 6x faster. We actually use more powerful hardware than all other Minecraft hosts and we're the only host using NVMe SSDs (the newest and fastest technology in data storage).

    Some other benefits we provide over MelonCube:
    • 24/7 Live Chat Support
    • Guaranteed DDoS Protection
    • 100% Uptime Guarantee that is actually backed by our SLA. MelonCube advertises this but does not have an SLA at all.
    • Free Subdomains
    • MCPC/MCPE cross compatibility (you can switch back and forth at any time - we also offer a Poggit plugin installer for MCPE).
    There aren't any features that MelonCube offers over us, but we offer a lot that they don't provide.

    If you have any questions, just ask!
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  3. For shared hosting, that's pretty meaningless because the actual performance depends on how many and what type of servers you put on each machine.
  4. Not at all - performance depends on both the hardware and the software running. Our CPUs are overkill for Minecraft and run even the most demanding servers at 20 TPS. However, the real performance driving factor are the NVMe SSDs - the difference between these isn't even remotely comparable to SATA drives.

    For example, if in creative mode flying at max speed outside of the map, even SATA SSDs won't be able to load the map fast enough to keep up with the player. With NVMe SSDs, the map will load too fast for you to outpace it - even with a higher view distance and even if there's multiple players flying at max speed in multiple directions.

    Shared hosting / dedicated hosting does not change the physical hardware you're using. Servers are not impacted by other clients on our service.
  5. Perhaps you misunderstood. I'm talking about shared Minecraft hosting. If you put 500 of those most demanding Minecraft servers on one of your "overkill" machines, they'll all grind to a halt. So the performance any individual server owner sees is affected by the number and demands of all the other servers on the same machine.

    To put it another way, maybe your hardware is twice as fast, but if you put four times the number of Minecraft servers on a machine, the performance of any individual Minecraft server will be lower.
  6. That's correct, however no reputable host would do this.