ShockByte or OwnageHosting

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Which host?

  1. ShockByte!

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  2. OwnageHosting

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  1. Which host is worth going for? What do you think
  2. Shockbyte
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  3. Why though?
  4. Because shockbyte
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  5. Well shockbyte doesn't oversell I have heard ownagehosting does but if u are looking for a acutal good host check out Http://MineRack.Org @TxS_PRIME is staff there
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  6. OwnageHosting is $3/GB
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  7. Yea well I trust MineRack More make sure to leave a rating trying to get to 100!
  8. Neither, Shockbyte definitely oversell. They oversell by huge amounts too. Look at NetherByte, they've managed to get a good deal with ReliableSite and they don't oversell at all (nowadays). They use E3 processors (Which for minecraft are generally better than E5 CPUs) and they're very cheap for what you get.
  9. stick to the ops question
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  10. I'm providing a far better alternative which will assist the OP; so no.
  11. Read the rules
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  12. So we are not allowed to post recommendations? Lmao.
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  13. Idek I just got up and I'm sick lol I barely know what I am saying xd
  14. Nuuuuuuu not more funny and optimistics
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  15. Shockbyte offers a 24 hour money back guarantee, so you're welcome to try us and claim a refund if you're not happy with the service.

    If you have any questions, you can contact us at
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  16. Shockbyte is terrible, oversells, OVH and well...
    Its just terrible, samething for ownagehosting.
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  17. I never used ShockByte but I still recommend it. OwnageHosting scammed me twice. I bought two of their premium servers, which apparently included the default port, and it took three days for it be setup. When I contacted support about it, they took a good 27 hours to respond, they said that the staff are busy with their families.

    Busy with their families? They're a hosting company and the premium package I bought included "premium support" I wonder what normal support is. I can't blame them for that, but their "premium support" is a joke.

    Three days to set-up when they apparently have instant setup is crazy. I could set-up a hosting company in three days that has instant set-up. They also said there was something wrong with my payment. When I contacted PayPal they stated that nothing was wrong on either end, and they received payment.

    I never got the default port which just added onto the scam. I asked them a week after I noticed and they said it wasn't included in the premium packages. I checked the packages and the staff was wrong.
    When I mentioned that they needed to improve their services and hire more staff, they banned me from their services, and resold my servers.

    Personally I recommend because their staff ticket response time is usually 40 minutes, and the longest I ever waited for a response was 6 hours.
  18. oo damm
  19. I bet both are just OVH resellers.

    EDIT: Yup, they are.
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  20. Yes :D
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