Shockbyte - The worst current Minecraft Server Hosting.

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  1. Good evening guys,

    So today I just want to talk about my experience with Shockbyte, and all the trouble I had with support, errors and suspended servers I just purchased, and including their live chat.

    The moral of this story is that I made a ticket, last Thursday stating to allocate my dedicated IP address to my server. I had no answer without a few hours, then I waited overnight and checked the next morning, and they closed the ticket and suspended my server? I then made a new ticket on the Friday morning, and that has had no reply up to now (Friday 28th Feb 2020). Their support is shocking so the name of their company is a good idea, especially with the 'shock' part.

    I will begin with their Live Chat, this is the only thing I rate on their whole company, as I used to chat on a daily basis for follow ups of my support tickets, which of course they couldn't tell me. The people I spoke to on the live chat, would just say they would follow up with their ticketing team, which of course, I had no reply.

    The trouble with the ticketing system is unbelievable. As stated above, I made my first ticket on Thursday last week, and there is no reply currently yet.

    I still don't understand why the suspended my server, with no reply to the ticket at all stating why or what happened, and then closed my ticket without the issue or nor reply.

    I have recently moved hosts and my servers are running better than before. More RAM, more players and less lag too, and with constantly support, live chat or ticket, you get a reply within a few hours. That of course, is a bette responce time than Shockbyte.

    I hope this keeps you away from Shockbyte, as their support is shocking and they just are not a reliable server host at all.

    Thank you for reading.
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  2. Wrong section, should go in Hosting Advice probably.
    Also I believe Deploys and PloxHost are the worst IMO, Shockbyte is probably third.
  3. Thank you for putting this out there, would definitely save a few people from buying some horrible hosting.
  4. I never heard about that company, but thanks for this review. I can't understand how nowadays companies like this one can continue their malicious actions..
  5. It's probably rampant within the industry. Where there's parents' wallets and those unfamiliar with what companies do good, it's not hard for a bad company to get some success.
  6. Of course, malicious people will try to be the more popular they can, big plus if they're advertising low prices...
  7. I congratulate Deploys for being the first company I actually used my GDPR erasure rights on. They had some weird fight between the three owners (non of who were legally bound!), where one guy decided to boycott the place. I don't know, nor do I care what happened and whose at fault, but I'm not giving my information to some company where a group of management isn't even legally bound. Childish crap.

    Rant aside, back on topic;

    Doesn't Shockbyte in general get pretty decent reviews? Never used them, but didn't see much ranting about them. The fact that they just suspend a server after a simple ticket is quite interesting. Did you not accidentally mention or choose some kind of option in the ticket which resulted them in thinking you wanted your server suspended, for whatever reason? I'm just trying to imagine how somebody could read a support ticket asking for a dedicated port, and the brain resulting in the action "yes, I'm going to suspend the server".
  8. They also may become the first MC host to be fined under the GDPR! They didn't report their data breach to the ICO, 3rd owner is working on getting them reported / has already done it, not too sure
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  9. I used shockbyte once a couple years ago. I cancelled my server within a few hours. I never got my refund, but other than that, I had a friend who used Shockbyte for multiple servers for a couple months, didn't have any problems.
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  10. I used Shockbyte recently, and they sucked. Stole $2.50 from me, which doesn't seem like much but is still money. When I went to submit a ticket to them, they took 1 week and didn't even know what I was talking about. On the topic of their tickets, I had submitted 2 other ones, in which it also took 4-7 days for each to be seen, after bugging live support about it. I switched to Ploxhost which is supposedly bad, but after one issue I went to the discord and got help in 10 mins. Buyers, beware of cheap servers like Shockbyte, as you get what you pay for.
  11. Gotta agree with this. It's overpriced (for me) and support is terrible.
  12. Honestly, the problem is server owners, half of them don't know what they are doing, and won't pay for what they need. Minecraft Hosting businesses have incredibly low profit margins for the most part. Having looked into this, unless you are under provisioning by a huge margin, the rates on offer are just not achievable. For the cost of renting a dedicated server (as this is what Minecraft Server Hosts do on mass scale), you make almost nothing after filling it with virtual servers, and then you need to somehow pay staff to be available 24 hours a day. The only companies who can afford to do this are those who got in early enough to build and maintain a large enough client base to actually scrape enough dollars together to turn a profit.

    As the margins are so low, staffing is relatively expensive, and thus your ability to provide support goes to hell.
  13. Unless you oversell :unsure::unsure::unsure:
  14. Must agree with the OP, although Shockbytes hardware is relatively decent, if you need support for literally anything you might as well not have asked personally, I have worked with people who have had to wait a week and a bit to have a subuser account created back in the day... I'd add pebblehost the list of attrocious hosting providers, their support team seems to just point any server lag issue to "a plugin" on the server, while this is technically possible I havent really ever worked on a pebblehosted server which wasnt laggy server side. Might just be some vodoo curse but it seems to frequent..
  15. I have not had any experience with shockbyte but GGservers is the worst host I have ever had. When I was first with them, they were amazing and probably the cheapest thing around. But year after year their quality kept getting worse. Their customer support is atrocious. I once got a gmod server from them and I had cancelled it after being fed up with the customer service and it took them a full month before they closed the server after I had cancelled. Their performance on all kinds of servers were also terrible.
  16. Or maybe you really do get what you pay for, and if you pay a little bit more, you'll have a much better experience. I pay $5/GB for shared MC hosting. There's never any lag and support is very good.
  17. They are now called Dashflo to try to erase their past history, actually.. its the third time they change their name! Deluxenode > > Dashflo

    Shockbyte was the first hosting I had ever use! They were actually pretty good thru my beginner's eyes.... until I found way better companies :3
    I didn't have any problem with them, although they are not the best speaking of support. The last time I used them was probably several years ago, and even at that time, the support was bad... really bad.
  18. That was literally the point I was making. People expect everything and want to pay nothing. But even at your $5/gb/m it's not a sustainable business model without thousands of preexisting customers.

    Not sure how that makes them bad. I'ts unrealistic to expect them to own all the servers all over the world. Hiring a dedicated server and renting out amounts of it is what almost everyone is doing.