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  1. I am planning on buying a 5gb server from shock byte with a dedicated IP. Is shock byte good? thats the main question, the prices seem amazing but this also scares me as the server may be very laggy or there may be other problems.
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    Oversell a lot. server may not work as it should or just laggy a lot.
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  3. They take advantage of people thinking RAM is all yerr need, :p
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    If they have a money back period you could utilize that if you don't like their service. They are an old host.
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    You can get a refund easily if you don't like our service.

    But this isn't the place for me to advertise Shockbyte :).

    Feel free to open a ticket.
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  6. Could you suggest a good hosting provider? I am not looking to buy a dedicated server.
  7. I am obviously a little dumb ;) by oversell what do you mean? How does this effect how laggy the server is etc.. ?
  8. GeorgeHousley123


    Using more RAM than there is on the node OR using more RAM then soled.
  9. Oh... ok thanks. How many gb of ram should I get for a start up factions server?
  10. It depends. 2 - 3gb depending on player count, plugins, worlds. But for starting out not much at all.
  11. Very laggy use Minerack
  12. Can you do a transfer thing,like you will transfer my files on my old host to shockbyte? Pm me for my server info im currently owning a 4gb server
  13. Just like every other shared host.
  14. Shockbyte offers that feature. After you've purchased, submit a ticket with your old FTP credentials along with the request and they'll do it free.
  15. I would recommend Virtual Gladiators, as I always do. I've been with them for months!
    They have budget and premium plans, however I would recommend the premium plan as this will give you server better performance (obviously)
  16. I second @Adnan_. Pick their Dragon plan, it's worth the money.
  17. I totally vouch for this ^ my server literally died because of it, I couldn't open it. They didn't wanted to refund me either, so they moved me into a new node, really bad imo. Also they take around 1-2 days to answer tickets.
  18. i used shockbyte and its okay for (starting) but lets be honest most of those people who say it sucks
    either just use shit plugins or have 60+ in one server i had like maybe 30-40 with 40+ and it ran okay
    mainly because uskyblock lags alot but other than that it works good for like 20-40 players.

    if you on a budget then id recommend hosthorde i use to run 60-120 players on their pro plan till i got a dedicated server.
  19. GeorgeHousley123


    It's Russian roulette with which node you will be put on :p