Shooting star particle

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  1. I have been trying to make a particle effect that acts like Disney Shooting star firework thats basicly dose the same thing as a Shooting star. Can anyone help me do this, with command blocks btw. Here is a picture of the shooting star
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  3. wops i'm sorry ill remove that asap
  4. Make a lot of command blocks and make them execute one tick after each other with a new position of the particle command. Kappa
  5. I would do it if i knew how to do that but i'm not that advanced with command blocks
  6. I created a MeteorStorm, but it requires some dependencies and only supports 1.10.
  7. could you try and make it 1.8?
  8. Unfortunately, I cannot because the APIs that is requires are 1.10 only.
    InventiveTalent's APIs: HologramAPI and PacketListenerAPI
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  9. ah