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  1. Yes, sorry. The API that I used for this has been abandoned by its developer. I am working on a fix for this.
  2. Hello, I may have asked before but can't see it. Can we sell map art using this plug in?
  3. It's not abandoned. I didn't know it needed an update. I'll get that updated some time today ^_^ Just double checked it, and it doesn't need an update still. NMS is still on 1_12_R1 which I updated on BitBucket back in July of last year (after your last update to this plugin).

    I even posted a temp fix for users of this Shop resource at that time
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  4. Ah, sorry.

    I didn't mean to call you out publicly on that. ;)
    Would you mind hosting it on a repo that is accessible through maven? It can get annoying cloning the project into my local, setting it up with maven, and then using that on every machine to build on. Or if there is a better way maybe I'm missing something?
  5. I'm really interested in this plug in if it's capable of selling map art through it. @SnowGears
  6. Dieses Geschäft bietet derzeit 9 zusätzliche Traktion ehat permission for normal player ?
  7. this shop is currently able to provide 9 more traction pleace help normal player can not buy
  8. Sure. My last maven server went down and I just never got around to setting my new one up for this. It requires running BuildTools due to the nature of it all :3 I'll go ahead and get that setup now and post a link when it's ready ^_^

    Edit: Ok, it's all setup and ready for use \o/

    Code (Text):

    More details are in the official thread about in case you need the shading bits again.
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  9. how made it i can buy in shop when i owner and admin normal player not can buy
  10. Wow, awesome! Thanks a lot!
  11. how made it i can buy in shop when i owner and admin normal player not can buy how can i fix it
  12. Ok let me specify, can we sell maps using this plug in? I'm not talking about empty maps. I want to sell used maps. I'm not sure why I'm being ignored, so I wanted to elaborate.
  13. normal player can not buy
  14. How this plugin works is it will sell whatever is inside the chest. So, if you setup a shop that sells map items, then it will sell map items that are inside the chest. It will cycle through them from the top let slot going right then down to next row, etc. So, if you want to sell a certain art/map then stock the chest with that map item.

    Note, some items will not work this way because they have special hard coded cases which were found to be more common situations. Like selling enchanted items/books, monster eggs, etc. These will actually store the NBT data in the config for the shop and will only sell that specific item that fully matches that NBT. Any other items in the chest will simply not sell. So for example, if I make a shop using a diamond sword with sharpness 5 and then stock it with diamond swords with sharpness 4, none of those will sell and the shop will report it as out of stock.

    Here is some sample data from two shops I made:
    Code (Text):
      BillyGalbreath (0b54d4f1-8ce9-46b3-a723-4ffdeeae3d7d):
          location: world,-228,72,15
          price: 1.0
          amount: 1
          type: sell
          displayType: LARGE_ITEM
            ==: org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack
            type: MAP
          location: world,-228,72,17
          price: 100.0
          amount: 1
          type: sell
            ==: org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack
            type: DIAMOND_SWORD
              ==: ItemMeta
              meta-type: UNSPECIFIC
                DAMAGE_ALL: 5
              repair-cost: 1
    Notice the first shop is a map shop. I created it using a filled map of the surrounding area, but it doesnt store any specific data/nbt about that. This means it will sell any map item I put in it (as long as the map isn't an EMPTY_MAP item). The second shop is a shop selling a diamond sword with sharpness 5 enchantment. The nbt of the enchantment (the meta stuff) is stored so only diamond swords with exact matching enchantments will sell.

    Another thing to notice is the repair cost of the sword is also saved. This means I cannot sell diamond swords with sharpness 5 from this shop if the repair cost is not the same (so, finding a matching sword in a loot chest (repair cost 0), or repairing a sword (repair cost 2+), etc, will change this value and will not let that sword be sold). I do believe this is being fixed in the next release (correct me if I'm wrong @SnowGears) so that shops will ignore repair cost tags.

    I hope that helps clarify. ^_^
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  16. Looks like hacked client doing some nasties with skull nbt data in the creative menu.
  17. PhanaticD


    u sure? i would think its just the GUI loading the skull for menu icons on the main thread
  18. No, not sure. I disabled both the GUI and the creative inventory due to the nature of them being so easily exploitable from malicious end users. The stack does look similar to the creative skull exploit, though, which is why I am assuming so.