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  1. Are the item displays disappearing for you too? I just noticed this now and i cant swap the item display and they do not show up.
  2. Kindly tell me dose this plugin allow us to set specific areas for shops? Because I don't want that some one create a shop outside shopping center. Aand how can I disable that clear lagg don't remove display things?
  3. Same for me too, seems to be the 1.17.1 build of paper. I was fine on 1.17
  4. Love this plugin! No problems :D
  5. SnowGears updated Shop - a simple, intuitive shop plugin with a new update entry:

    Update to support 1.17.1

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  6. I've been using this plugin for years... And I hate to report this, but there's a serious issue when people join the server while this plugin is active (1.17). On join, there's a 3-5 second freeze where EVERYONE on the server notices it. It's been correlated to people joining, due to the on join message that happens, so I did some timings checks. If I do a timings reset join the server, and do a timings paste immediately, it's this plugin for a few 1000% of the server's load. When I removed the plugin, all of the join pauses went away.

    I don't know if it's the plugin forcing a load of all the chunks that shops are currently in for new players joinging, but chunk loading on 1.17 is pretty meh. That was the first thing I thought of -- player join, check all his shops for status, etc, by loading all shops, which loads all chunks those shops are in...

    Anyway, I figured I'd report it. I love the plugin and as soon as that' figured out, I'll happily start using it again, and will continue recommending it.
  7. I didn't get my reply
  8. I run into the exact same issue rendering the plugin completely unusable. Whenever someone joins there's a 10+ second freeze due to chunks being loaded on the server where there's shops at. I'm happy to provide more information if needed!

    Edit: for the time being I switched to which is working fine so far.
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  9. SnowGears updated Shop - a simple, intuitive shop plugin with a new update entry:

    'Now Make It Pretty' - improve GUI and Shop loading

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  10. SnowGears updated Shop - a simple, intuitive shop plugin with a new update entry:

    Bug fixes + update checker

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  11. Hello there. Is this latest update compatible with 1.16.5 or are the latest versions now only 1.17.1 and up?
    Thanks in advance!
  12. Best plugin ever I just have one suggestion. I have a mc server that has mobile players and console players so they cant be asked to do commands and other crap and like it all tapping and what not. Is it possible and please let me know if this feature is a thing already but can you make it so when a player shift when interacting with the signs they buy or sell or barter 64. Just would make it easier for them to sell other than that they flipping love this plugin.
  13. Please reply me
  14. It's right on the first page... supports worldguard and towny... and if you look at the config, also on the main page, there's a setting that lets you only build shops in worldguard regions with specific flags.
  15. Heyya, with the latest update I've been getting some reports that if you destroy a shop sign, the chest shop directly above despawns. I've also been getting some reports that when you destroy a shop, the display will still be there. Love the plugin btw:D
  16. Is there a command to see what version of the shop plugin I am running?
    I'm trying to write a bug report but i have no idea how to check what version I am on.
    The bug is where a double chest shop allows players to open the chest shop.
  17. You can use /version shop to see the version of the Shop plugin. You can do the same with any plugin; /shop <plugin_name>