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  1. Hi, i am making a skyblock server, but i would like to add a Admin GUI-Shop, so players can buy and sell items there. Here's what i am looking for: The plugin will open a gui with /shop, players can then click on the different categories, and the plugin will open another gui with the items available to buy/sell in the categorie, when a player right/left click on an item it will open another gui so the player can buy 1/32/64 items following a specific value set in the configuration file, and same thing applies to the sell feature.
    Can anyone help please ?
    Thanks in advance :)
  2. BossShopPro allows you to make infinite stores, also detects both right clicks and left click and has a program to create the menus.
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    ShopGUIPlus does this extremely well
  4. ShopGUIPlus is quick and easy for shops
    BossShopPro takes a bit more time to set up but you have more features, currencies and you can use it as a custom GUI
  5. I recommend shopguiplus or guishop
  6. Thx
    it helped me