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  1. That's all about your post that I felt on commenting. Pex hasn't been updated for years, because it hasn't needed to be. Luck will tell you that all his versions of LuckPerms, even from 3 years ago will work on 1.14, too... What he doesn't tell you is that the version from 3 years ago has memory leaks and 170+ bugs in it that have been fixed in later versions. Pex does one thing. It answers when a plugin says "does this dude have permissions". It does it basically, and without flair. It's half the size of LuckPerms and doesn't need IP4 or IP6 communication code running at all times like Luck has, just to answer permission queries.

    I am pro-active on this front, too. I'm got a 1.14.3 server up and running with 49 plugins, an average of 8 players, and TPS that floats at 20 all day long, on a world that's millions by millions of chunks, not-pregenned. When every tick counts (like it does in 1.14), you don't want fluffy plugins like LuckPerms. Pro-activity isn't just about what works, it's about what works best.
  2. No he is right. Try to use the GUI with people with more than 50 shops. It doesn't work. Search should be implemented but doesn't work either. But it's okay. I'll wait for the update for 1.14.3
  3. o . O guess you better stop allowing people to have more than 50 shops than. I sure as hell wouldn't allow any player to have 50 shops. 30 max each in all honesty. Forcing them to choose what to sell more carefully.
  4. Hi, I purchased this resource but it has not been added to my account? Can you PM me and I will send you my paypal email as proof.
  5. When players use hopper on their island plugin give this error: "org.bukkit.event.inventory.InventoryMoveItemEvent"
    Anyone have solution?
  6. Yes. He's given me full access to the original source code, and the update process is underway. No ETAs, though. Updating the plugin for myself and updating the plugin for everyone else is entirely different. I cant just rip stuff out I dont use because that will break someone else's server. Sit tight, it's coming very soon ^_^
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  7. Heck yea! Winner Winner chicken fricken dinner!

    Thanks @SnowGears I knew it was just a matter of time until you were able to give billy an answer for the rest of us.

    To the rest of you... who kept saying crap... bleh just bleh.

    I look forward to the update @BillyGalbreath and wanted to know if you're gonna be making sure it works on 1.13.2 so we can use it right away as we wait for our last couple plugins to update?
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  8. Dear sir, I am sorry to inform you that PEX did not work on a friend's (from Australia) server and at that point I had not upgraded yet. When I went into a testmodus for 1.14, it turned out that it did also not work. I think now that these 'buggyness' were related to the 1.14 and not the 1.14.3. It might be very possible for PEX to run smoothly on 1.14.3. because I have not tested that.
    But as I said in another post, we want to keep up 2 date, and by keeping up 2 date means encounter problems, report problems... So, that's all we did.
    Your insight on LP, that, I cannot confirm if you are right or wrong, it just worked out of the box, and that gave me a step closer to run a smooth server.
    That was my goal....

    @BillyGalbreath, I am glad that Snowgears gave you the permission to update the plugin, we will wait with patience for the solution, thank you for helping a lot of people.
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  9. If PEX isn't working, you've mis-configured it. Sorry you had no luck with pex.
  10. upgrade from pex... many others have xD
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  11. I like my plugins lite and optimized, thank you. :)
  12. Pex is a bad choice for you then, as it's honestly neither of those things.
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  13. It's less than half the size of LP, it doesn't have IP4 and web traffic hooks, which seriously -- how many times do you change your permissions that you need to go to a web page to do it (then cut and paste the result into the console to get it setup). I've argued with Luck on stupid "features" of LP before -- There's a default group that you cannot change or modify and all people go in there, but if you want default settings then setup another group that all people then get transferred to and get the settings there... what's the point of the first group then? He claims LP works with a version from three years ago on 1.14.3, just like Pex does -- but doesn't tell you there's been 130 bugs fixed in LP since that version including memory leaks and corrupted databases... Anyway, this isn't for arguing perm plugins. Let's get this back on track:

    Shop plugin!
  14. Well, hold on.. Since we're already here talking about it I'd like to clear some things up.

    What does this have to do about how lite or optimized it runs? I mean, honestly, I could write you a permissions plugin that's less than 20KB in size if that's all you care about. It will not, however, be lite or optimized in any way.

    You don't have to use the web based config thing. I don't. I think it's stupid, honestly. It's optional if that's how you want to configure things, though. Some people like it more. Me, I prefer editing .yml files directly on my server via SSH. You know, similar to how most Pex server owners do it but think isn't possible on LP for one reason or another. I just edit the yml files, and save them. I dont even have to issue a command in game/console to tell LP to reload, it actually detects that automatically and reloads it itself. Pretty neat, imho.

    Oh, me to. Trust me. The biggest problem I've ever had with LP is that it does not honor Vault's API contract about OfflinePlayer support. LP will not allow permission lookups on an offline player from the main thread (for just reasons, of course, but still). Took a bit of convincing, but Luck eventually added an option to LP to allow this (it's just disabled by default).

    Not sure what you're going on about here, because I use the default group just fine and have set all sorts of permissions and metadata to it.

    Not really sure what point you're trying to make here. This usually how most software works. You think Pex doesn't have bugs in its builds from 3 years ago? In fact, Pex doesn't even get any new builds anymore, so whatever bugs _have_ been found in it in the last 3 years are not fixed and will never be fixed.

    Fun fact: Pex even recommends updating to LP.. See the readme documentation here:
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  15. Just a thought.. but perhaps we should stay on topic with the Shop plugin here? I’m sure there are many threads on this site alone that discuss the pros and cons of pex, lp and likely other perms plugins too.
  16. But that would be smart just like using LP
  17. As a side note to the perm plug discussion, what does the gamble shop do and how is it configured... Would it be good for a randomised vote reward system?
  18. @BillyGalbreath

    So your updating the plugin now? Will you be taking over this spigot page or opening a new one? Are you going to sell it or just give it to people who have it, or for free, or what.

    Just wondering if I need to buy you a pizza or something o_O hope you like pineapple.
  19. He's helping Snow update it, so he's pretty much a Contributor now pretty much. He may get some of what is given to the plugin by those who buy it from here on out. At least that is my guess for how it would work.