Spigot ShopChest 1.12.3

Let your players create their own nice-looking shops to sell their stuff to other players!

  1. SpaZMonKeY777

    Wiki Team

    Great looking plugin, been doing some testing with it to see if we can use it to replace our current shop plugin (Quickshop), and so far it's looking great. One question though, any thoughts on adding a configuration setting to allow a tax to be set? With Quickshop, we could set a certain percent (like 5% for example) that would be moved to a specific player account (default named tax) and this would apply to all buying/selling that goes on through shops. It helps removing excess money from the economy, but not in such a way that it's a large impact, but helpful overall.

    Either way, great plugin and we look forward to transitioning over to it in the near future.
  2. After giving people permission to create a shop, they still don't have permission. I even made sure I got the right permissions via copy and paste. Please fix thanks :)
  3. Please have a look at the FAQ.
  4. uhmmm? you COULD lower the prices on the items in you ADMIN SHOP so that its only worth if for newb/beginner players who havent found the player shops to use sell there.

    But, in reality, the players are getting rich due to hard work.

    I mean, there basically runners for other shop owners. there earning there income trucking material from a player shop to the admin shop.
    the player is buying the ITEMS from player. allowing the player to make a little income. and then the truckers are running those items to your
    ADMIN shop allowing them to make some income. Thats how delivery chain works. :) economy 101.

    But, the player who owns the shop is still having to work to keep his shop chests filled up. He just dos'nt have to worry about running to the admin market to PERSONALLY sell the items. I mean, think about it.. the runner is PAYING the shop owner money for his product. and then delivering that product to the ADMIN SHOP so that they can earn there profit back. Thats how a proper system works to allow for both parties to get rich.

    But, if there is no more products in the PLAYERS SHOP, then the runners can not KEEP getting rich. they need to wait for the player to fill his shop back up.

    If the player as setup his shop to be a BUY/SELL shop. then, he as become a go between .. between your ADMIN SHOP and other players.
    he's now the middle man. Like.. say... WALMART... we dont buy WHOLESELL from the warehouse.. we buy from wallmart right?

    Very similar, so.. ofcourse the player who OWNS the shop is going to get rich. thats expacted. and of course the TRUCKERS/RUNNERS are going to get rich, thats expacted. But. its all coming due to persitance and HARD work.

    Your going to RUIN your economy if you change the players ability to do that.

    Alternitvly, you can simply REMOVE the ADMIN SHOPS if your players have created enough shops around the world to find.
  5. I've been using the plugin for awhile,

    one idea/thought that i have.

    An AUTO PURGE system. to perhaps clear out old shops from players who are MIA ?

    i mean like, if i player dosnt join the server anymore for a set amount of time decided by the server owner in the CONFIG FILE,
    then the shop would be deleted, along with its contents? or as an option, the shop would be deleted, but the CHEST and contents would stay?

    This would make it so that old players who are no longer coming on and messing with /shops or creating shops or filling up there shops.. are no longer taking up space near roadways, or highways or something.?

    or for instance, a towny or griefprevention claim. ... the player as say... 3 shops on there claim. fairly used and active.
    Then, one day.. he moves to another server.. dosnt come back for like.. 3-4 months? his griefprevention claim is removed.
    but, the shops would still be there, they wont blow up, they cant be greifed, they just stay there taking up space for someone who maybe
    WANTS to now claim that nice peice of land or old farm home or something.

    So, perhaps make it as an option that after a set amount of days not joining the server, the SHOP is auto purged , deleted.
    This might also encourage someone to atleast check in on there favorite server every few weeks instead of just going AWOL
  6. That's a good idea, I think I'll add that in the next version ;)
    (By the way, the post you quoted above is more than a year old)
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  7. @masterolos09 it looks like you tried to make a Shop Chest on a Shulker Box, with is not supported as far as I know. Try using a standard chest instead, might work.
  8. No, it's actually an error that occurs every time you open a shulker box. It's going to be fixed in the next update and I'll add it to the FAQ tomorrow if I don't forget it.
  9. @EpicEric is there a huge update on the way?
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  10. The were bigger ones, but when I think all issues I can fix are solved, I'm going to release it as 1.12, so it's not a small one.
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  11. MTC


    ShopChest is the most resource-intensive plugin on my server.. Could you do something about it?

  12. [ShopChest] Could not create Hologram with reflection, not sure whats creating the issue, but its there
  13. Will (hopefully) be better in the next version. Very soon, you can download automated builds that already contain the fix.

    Enable "enable-debug-log" in the config, reload or restart the server and send me the contents of the debug.txt file in the plugin's folder if the error occurs again.
  14. swaped back to MySQL, seemed to fixed the issue, will keep track, only other thing is it dident load all SQLite shops
  15. need to add a way to remove non existent chests

    ERROR No Chest found at specified Location: 7989; 76; -3496
  16. Enable "remove-shop-on-error" in the config and shops will be removed when no chest is found or when there is no space above the chest.
  17. This plugin looks really good and I want to use it on my server, but I am using a gui shop with the command /shop, is there any way that I could change the alias of the command for the plugin in my server.. players won't be able to do /shop to get to the gui shop.. plz help any one
  18. Weaves

    Resource Staff

    Change this in the config:
    main-command-name: "shop"
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  19. Could you add a way to toggle shop alerts off & on?