Shopgui+ mob eggs issue

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  1. On my other account on spigot which I don't use anymore becuase I changed my username I bought the plugin shopgui+ and when ever I try to add the item 383:91 to the material section which is a sheep egg I restart the server and everything else is there except the sheep egg and I made it so it had its unique slot I have no idea what is going on can someone please help.
  2. In your shops.yml file, try doing this:
    Code (Text):
        name: "&dShopName"
            type: item
              material: 383 (if this doesn't work, try MONSTER_EGG or MONSTER_EGGS)
              quantity: (number)
              damage: 91 (this is number after the colon)
              name: "&d(Name)"
                - "(lore)"
            buyPrice: (number)
            sellPrice: (number)
            slot: (number)
    Obviously, remove the parenthesis and customize this to your liking. Take note of the "damage" section. You'll want to enter the number after the colon ( : ) there.
  3. I will try it hopefully it works
  4. If you need any further information, you can refer to this page and this page! That's where I got the information from :D I hope you can get it figured out!
  5. Also the shop is not usually set out like that so do you have to enter that one in custom.
  6. I'm not really sure, since I don't own this plugin myself. Please refer to the links I sent if you need any help.
    Just so you know, the "quantity", "name", "damage", and "lore" sections are all optional. Feel free to remove those if not needed.