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  1. Hi there,

    Does anyone know how to setup up (per-shop permissions) with shopgui+ to create donator shops due to there being no documentation online on how to set it up and the developer never responding to messages?
    (not per-item permissions)


    Any help would be much appreciated
    Thanks Chief,
  2. You need to give each group access to only the non-donator shops, then give your donators the permission to access the donator shops. Or, if you're using the * permission, you can negate the donator shops, and give donators the shop's permission.

    If your shop is called elemental in the config files, you'd give donators the permissions shopguiplus.shops.elemental (replace "elemental" with whatever the name of your shop is).

    I hope this helps!
  3. I've tried what you have suggested and unfortunately, it is still not working.
    If you could possibly help me out it would be much appreciated.

    Pex permissions:

    Shopgui+ config:
  4. Try giving a negative permission node to the groups you don't want to have access to it.
  5. Can you please elaborate on what you mean because when you remove all permissions from PEX other than they can still use all shops within the GUI ( is needed to open the shop GUI)
  6. A negative permission node would be this: -shopguiplus.shops.reinforced
    Try giving that to your Citizen group.
  7. Thank you for your help, it works now :)
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