shopGUIplus /shop does not work!

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  1. I have the plugin shopGUIplus (the premium plugin) and it is no longer working! every time i do /shop not it says "/shop [reload]" and this is not the shop GUI! Please help!
  2. What error do you get when you do /shop? (In the console)
    What error does it give you on startup?
    What ShopGUIPlus version, and what Minecraft version?

    When you say no longer working - Was it working before? Did you make changes?
  3. Without error message we can not do anything
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  4. This is an issue with the plugin, and is not conflicting with other plugins, I suggest contacting the developer @brc, Although, Im pretty sure he/she knows already, Since it has been happening since the 1.17.0 update
  5. brc


    You need to check your server startup log for errors. It's even stated in FAQ:

  6. They are saying that there are no error messages in the startup logs, I havent bought your plugin/use it, so I cant see if it is true or not
  7. brc


    It's impossible, the white "/shop reload" message is displayed when an exception is thrown on server startup and the plugin fails to load.
  8. Hmm, I dont know what is wrong with their version, But I downloaded a cracked version of 1.17.1 and It works, So I dont know how they are getting the messages
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  9. Did they delete their comment? I don't see anything about not having an error, or what version they have.
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  10. Um you can try this if you're using SilkSpawners:

    1. Go into SS config and disable auto-update

    2. delete the SS.jar file (leave the folder)

    3. reinstall a fresh version of the plugin (SilkSpawners.Jar)

    4. restart

    Edit: I had the same problem with /shop [reload] a week or so ago and this fixed it