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  1. Hi,

    I'm having a bit of an issue with ShopGUI+, I cannot click anything past the main categories.

  2. Report this to the developer.
    This issue (java.lang.NullPointerException) can't be fixed by us.
  3. Are there any errors when you start the server?
    And what server version are you on?
  4. Uh huh,
    1. I don't expect any NullPointerExceptions to appear in onEnable() method of a plugin (unless the developer is an idiot of course)
    2. Am I reading this wrong or does ShopGUI+ say "1.7 - 1.15"
  5. I was not saying that NullPointerExceptions would show up. There are other types of errors, which could point the user in the direction of what is causing the error.

    The plugin is for 1.7-1.15, yes. However, certain versions of the plugin may be better suited to certain versions of Minecraft. Also, if you're using the newest version of the plugin (which he is) with an older version, the default config files could be using values that don't work with older versions. I have seen people have issues with using the default file, which has 1.13+ item names, with older server versions. The server doesn't recognize the items, since they have different names in 1.13 versus older versions.

    I'm just trying to help. No need to be rude. :)
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  6. I mean I'm not really expecting any other errors apart from what OP has shown basically because InventoryClickEvent begins at the time where the player opens the Inventory belonging to ShopGUI+. There shouldn't be a problem at the onEnable().. right?
  7. Shouldnt have an issue in the onEnable() method unless you are calling an old method in there which hasnt properly been updated to suit the version of the server. At any rate probably something that has to be fixed by the developer and not by the OP