Spigot Shopkeepers 2.15.1

Custom villager shopkeepers that trade exactly what you want them to trade!

  1. This warning has been turned into a debug message in v2.13.3: https://github.com/Shopkeepers/Shop...rs/shopkeeper/SKShopkeeperRegistry.java#L1198
    So I cannot explain or reproduce this message being logged, unless you have debug mode enabled, or you are not actually using v2.13.3.
  2. Okay. But I currently have no idea how I can help you with getting rid of this log message, because I currently have no other explanation for why you are getting this log message in the first place, nor am I able to reproduce any issue with this log message appearing on my test server when it shouldn't.

    If this log message bothers you this much, the only remaining thing I can offer you is for you to upload your server (plugins, configurations, etc., ideally a minimal subset of your server with which you are able to reproduce this; the world itself and any player data is probably not required), and to send me this server together with instructions on how I can reproduce this log message there (eg. where I need to teleport for this message to show up inside the server log, etc.).
  3. Is it possible to define item with custom nbt as currency for sell/buy player shop? I want to use this with CustomModelData NBT tag. It works well for admin shop. I just want players to be able to make a shop setting a price with two custom currency items.
  4. alguien puede compartir la traducción al español de la version 2.13.3?
  5. hi, i have a small issue, i cant sell enchanted books that contain multiple enchantments, can you help me please
  6. If you are running Spigot 1.17, update to the latest version of Spigot. This should be fixed there (though, I have no yet verified the fix). Edit: Actually, I think Spigot wasn't affected by this issue in a way that it prevented Shopkeeper trades from working.
    If you are running Paper 1.17, there is an pending open issue related to this: https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/issues/6437
    If you are running Paper, or an older MC version, there is no official fix released yet, but you can try the latest snapshot (https://github.com/Shopkeepers/Shopkeepers/actions/runs/1149087770) and see if this fixes the issue: There have been some changes that should provide a workaround for this issue. Be aware that you might not be able to revert to your currently used older version of Shopkeepers if you run this snapshot version. So be sure to first make a backup of all your Shopkeepers data if you attempt to go that route of running the snapshot version.
  7. after i created a admin shop i close it... when i right cick it.. nothing appear... even using the remote
  8. You have to be more specific for me to be able to reproduce your problem. What are you doing, step by step? How exactly are you creating the admin shop? What do you mean by 'close it' (close the editor?)? Which version of the plugin and which (exact) server version are you using (also, are you using any modded server variant?)?
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  9. Hi, is there a way to relocate a shopkeeper? Specifically the admin shops that aren't attached to a chest?
    I have a world that I intend on resetting from time to time and want to have some shop keepers available each time but they'd have to be in different spots. Can I just have shopkeepers put into new spots in a reset world? Or do I have to set them up all over again each time?

    And if I can't do it... would it be possible to have that added as a feature? I get why it would be impossible for those attached to a chest, but for admin shops, that would be super handy for when we make a new spawn or something.
  10. Nope, not yet. The ability to move shopkeepers in-game is on the todo list. You could however manually edit the shopkeeper coordinates inside the save.yml file while the server is not running (but make a backup of this file first, just in case).

    Similarly, it is also planned to add the ability to apply the state of a shopkeeper (this includes its trades) to another shopkeeper, and the ability to link admin shopkeepers so that they always share their trades / state. This could then be used to setup some 'template' shopkeeper somewhere and then copy or link their state to newly created shopkeepers somewhere else. But these things are also still on the todo list.
  11. I've been using your plugin for a long time, with over 3000 shops in it now, so editing the yml file might be a bit of a task in itself. lol
    But certainly a good option for now :)

    Those updates, all the ones you mentioned, would be amazingly useful to me. My head is already filling with ideas on how I'd use them.

    Thank you for all of your hard work on this. It's been an invaluable plugin for my server.
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  12. Hola!
    Tengo un problema con el plugin, cuando inicia me aparece este error en la consola:
    Code (Text):
    [12:41:07 INFO]: [Shopkeepers] Loading Shopkeepers v2.13.3
    [12:41:07 ERROR]: [Shopkeepers] [STDERR] SLF4J: No SLF4J providers were found.
    [12:41:07 WARN]: Nag author(s): '[nisovin, blablubbabc]' of 'Shopkeepers' about their usage of System.out/err.print. Please use your plugin's logger instead (JavaPlugin#getLogger).
    [12:41:07 ERROR]: [Shopkeepers] [STDERR] SLF4J: Defaulting to no-operation (NOP) logger implementation
    [12:41:07 WARN]: Nag author(s): '[nisovin, blablubbabc]' of 'Shopkeepers' about their usage of System.out/err.print. Please use your plugin's logger instead (JavaPlugin#getLogger).
    [12:41:07 ERROR]: [Shopkeepers] [STDERR] SLF4J: See http://www.slf4j.org/codes.html#noProviders for further details.
    [12:41:07 WARN]: Nag author(s): '[nisovin, blablubbabc]' of 'Shopkeepers' about their usage of System.out/err.print. Please use your plugin's logger instead (JavaPlugin#getLogger).
    que podrá ser?
  13. Can you post your exact server version? I.e. the complete output of `/version`
    Edit: Also please post your Shopkeeper version.

    I know that Paper recently added some guard against plugins using System.out. But the latest version of Shopkeepers is already no longer using System.out for any logging.
    I also cannot explain those SLF4J error messages: Shopkeepers is not using (at least to directly/explicitly) SLF4J.
    I also cannot reproduce this issue on Paper when only using the Shopkeepers plugin. Can you please try to reproduce this with the Shopkeepers plugin alone? Maybe some other plugin is injecting the SLF4J loggers, which fails and prints this SLF4J error message (which uses System.out/err), which results in Paper falsely accusing the Shopkeepers plugin to be using System.out/err.
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  14. Hello, I'm using Paper 1.17.1 (v296), and newest version of your plugin Shopkeepers, but I got a big issue with a enchanted items that has hidden enchants, if the enchantment items with hidden enchants are in slots that you must give shopkeepers to give you a result item so there is a no problem getting a result item, but if on a result slot is a enchanted item with hidden enchants, then it just simply give me this message and the trade just cancel.

    Trade aborted: The traded items do not match what this shopkeeper expected.

    Also when I look back at the item it looks like it is setted to hide enchants in save.yml file, but if I look at the result item in GUI, I can see there is an enchantments, when they is in confing hidden, is this a bug?

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  15. I am not fully sure if this matches your particular issue, but there is an open Paper issue related to certain enchanted book items: https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/issues/6437

    If this does not match your issue, then please send me the the complete NBT data of one of those affected enchanted items, so that I can try to reproduce this issue. One way to retrieve this NBT data is by having the item in your inventory (ideally clear your inventory first) and then using Minecraft`s `/data get entity <name>` command in console and sending me the output of this command (the output contains the data of the items inside your inventory).

    I have just seen your edit that includes those images: Please post the shopkeeper data in a copyable text format so that I can try to reproduce the issue.
    One guess is that this issue might also be caused by the combination with some other plugin. So please try to also reproduce this without other plugins (eg. setup a small local testing server, copy the Shopkeepers plugin and its data there, and try to reproduce the issue there).
    When testing this, also try to reproduce this on a Spigot server to see if the same issue applies here as well, or whether this issue is Paper specific.
    Do you use any custom enchantment plugins? Some plugins are known to dynamically modify the items inside the trading interface, for example to hide some item attributes from players.
    Also check this list for any known plugin incompatibilities that might apply to you: https://github.com/Shopkeepers/Shopkeepers-Wiki/wiki/Known-Issues
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  16. Thanks, It's probably my issue, I will read more about it, and wait for repair, now I try to repair it other way at least so players can trade something to buy the result item in other plugin, or maybe something else, maybe I should use more creativity. :) Thank you again for such a long reply I really appreciated!
  17. Very good plugin!
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  18. Hi! sometimes the trade wont work like on this photo, any idea why? its the only trade that does that right now, the others works fine (made with ecoitems and jetsminion) so if it was a ecoitems or jetsminion problem all the others trade wouldnt work right?[​IMG]