Spigot Shopkeepers 2.15.1

Custom villager shopkeepers that trade exactly what you want them to trade!

  1. Several other users have also already reported issues related to the EcoItems plugin with trades not working. There already have been compatibility issues with the other Eco plugins in the past (see https://github.com/Shopkeepers/Shopkeepers-Wiki/wiki/Known-Issues). I don't know whether the EcoItems issue is related to those or caused by something different. However, after having already spent too much time keeping track of the Eco-related compatibility issues mentioned there, I won't spent any further time debugging this or any other Eco-plugin related issues. Your best bet is to inform the Eco plugin developer about the problem so that he can hopefully look into the issue.
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  2. c4t


    Any ETA on the 1.18 update?
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  3. I still have a few things I want to improve/include in the v2.14.0 update before I officially release it. This might still take a couple of days. However, if you want to run Shopkeepers on MC 1.18 early, you can join the Discord server and try out the snapshot of v2.14.0 that I linked there a few days ago.
  4. SlimeDog

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    For those of us who don't Discord (I would have to follow 160+ channels, just for MC plugins -- I won't) how about the link?

    UPDATE: NVM, I can find it on the source tree.
  5. You can also just wait for the release here then. The snapshots are really only meant for people who want to get Shopkeepers running on MC 1.18 quickly, provide early feedback, and don't mind the risk of running a potentially unfinished version and having to revert their shopkeeper data later. If this applies to you, you can find the snapshot here:
    Changelog so far can be found here: https://github.com/Shopkeepers/Shopkeepers/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

    Be sure to make a backup of your shopkeepers data first.

    However, in order to not promote their use too much, I won't post snapshot links here regularly.
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  6. i need 1.18 update pls
  7. Please urgently need an update to 1.18.1 :cry:

    [ERROR]: [Shopkeepers] Incompatible server version: Shopkeepers cannot be enabled.
  8. Look at the comments directly above yours. The developer already said they're working on it multiple times so there's no point in rushing it. Rushing anyone on anything will cause unnecessary stress which leads to a sloppy end result which none of us want. Additionally, in the comment literally directly above yours it was said that there's snapshots available but they're not 100% stable yet.
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  9. sorry but i don't speak english i am using google, the above messages i have not translated
  10. How long do we need to wait till official 1.18 relase?
  11. Please 1.18 update
  12. blablubbabc updated Shopkeepers with a new update entry:

    Version 2.14.0

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  13. Hello great developer
    I understand there are reasons why this great plugin does not support Vault, but I have an idea to make the smallest changes and hook up with Vault.

    My idea is to add a new type of merchant. His transaction method is mainly to exchange ordinary paper for economic paper currency, and then according to the denomination of the exchange, deduct the player’s money, and the exchanged paper currency can be used as a currency. Trade currencies without changing other great codes that already exist

    Example: new merchant type
    Transaction item
    (Paper) exchange (Paper $1)
    (Paper) exchange (Paper $10)
    (Paper) exchange (Paper $100)
    (Paper) exchange (Paper $1000)
    (The above transaction method is the preset transaction item that already exists after the merchant is generated)

    The exchanged banknotes can be applied to other store managers to generate any amount of money in a superimposed manner as the main currency for buying and selling items

    Such a change will not change the currency base of the original store manager’s transaction, and it can also be fully linked to Vault. I hope that this idea can be truly applied to this great plugin in the future.

    Thanks for any reply
  14. Yeah, there are some ideas for how Vault could be integrated into Shopkeepers' item-based trades. I have expanded the list of ideas and notes related to that, and added your suggestions with some additional notes, to the respective ticket over at GitHub: https://github.com/Shopkeepers/Shopkeepers/issues/630

    However, one thing to note in particular is that this conversion between Vault money and some item representation can already be implemented by using a 'normal' (non-item based) shop plugin side-by-side with Shopkeepers. I.e. what this new shopkeeper type would achieve (and it would still require players to provide some dummy empty paper item) can already be achieved by setting up a shop with some other plugin that allows players to buy this "Paper 100$" item for 100$. And this "Paper 100$" could then be used like any other item in Shopkeeper trades. And you could then set up a similar shop that buys back this "Paper 100$" item in exchange for 100$ balance increase.
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  15. Yes, in fact, the idea of paper money and the idea of using paper money or items to trade are not suitable for other plug-ins to be used with Shopkeepers plug-ins.

    The reason is to exchange for transaction banknotes. Players will be able to use this banknote to exchange money with unlimited freedom through the Shopkeepers plugin.
    Example: Use any item to freely exchange for high-value gold coins, and unlimited free withdrawal, which will enable any player to become a millionaire
    Therefore.. The administrator can only choose one of them, which is also the helpless decision of the Shopkeepers plugin not integrating Vault

    As for the idea of the new store manager
    Yes, this idea is limited to managing store managers, and should not be implemented for player store managers. This is certain
    The benefits of integrating Vault banknotes by the Shopkeepers plugin, the reason for this is that banknotes will not be abused by players
    The Shopkeepers plugin can restrict players from using banknotes to generate transactions,
    Example: When a player tries to set a trading item, and the trading item contains valuable banknotes, the Shopkeepers plugin can ban him
    And let players understand that paper currency transactions are only used by the manager of the store
    This way, players won’t easily become millionaires.
    Players can still use the services provided by the original Shopkeepers plug-in, and it will not lose its effect.
    But if I use other banknote plugins, together with Shopkeepers plugins, I can’t do this. This is the advantage of Shopkeepers plugins integrated with Vault.

    The management store owner can use the Vault integration of the Shopkeepers plugin to use banknotes, requiring players to exchange currency with the (currency exchange store owner) to purchase items provided by the management store owner, and usually these items can be (rare) or (with magic) s project

    In short...
    I tried to use the store owner together with the plug-in that generates banknotes, but there will always be a certain degree of loopholes, which will make players quickly become millionaires.

    In the end I can be sure.. Only when the great plugin Shopkeepers uses banknotes, is the final choice, otherwise I really can only regret to choose one of them from the Shopkeepers plugin and other store plugins.

    My expression may not be very clear
    So thank you great developer for taking the time to answer my question, thank you :)
  16. Did you ever find a way to allow trading in a damaged item?
  17. Nope. I don't think you can set up trades with vanilla villagers either that accept damaged items of any damage value (and Shopkeepers tries to stick to Minecraft's trading rules). The problem is that for the trade to ignore the damage value, the item needs to not have any 'Damage' NBT tag. However, for whatever reason, Minecraft automatically adds this tag (with a value of 0) to any item it encounters that misses it.
  18. That is a shame, well, I am having another issue, don't know if you care about issues being posted here, seems quicker than git.
    I have a trade.. a customized Wooden Pickaxe that is obtained via a /give command, and 32 cobblestone, for an upgraded wooden pickaxe.. problem is, if I /give myself the same pickaxe it requires, it says the traded items do not match what the shopkeeper expects, even when I clicked on the trade and it automatically put the items in the trade slots
  19. I think this error message occurs when one of your other other plugins modifies the shopkeeper trades while the trade is being processed. See the 'Known Issues' list inside the wiki if it lists any plugin you are using for which an incompatibility is known: https://github.com/Shopkeepers/Shopkeepers-Wiki/wiki/Known-Issues
    I think to remember that the various Eco plugins could cause this issue. This has been fixed and broken again various times. Not sure if the current versions of these plugins are still affected, or which versions of the plugins you are using.