Spigot Shopkeepers 2.15.1

Custom villager shopkeepers that trade exactly what you want them to trade!

  1. Well, I'll just ask this, does the plugin need to be the same way Vanilla Minecraft's villager trading is? I know that's the point of it, but it severely limits customizability, which is also another major point of this plugin. You want it to be like villager trading, but you also want it to be customizable, hence why the plugin was created in the first place, to allow players to create their own villager shops, but making it the same as Vanilla Minecraft's villager trading is limiting so much, like, being able to make a repair item shop, or, what I was trying to do, doesn't work when you have the canDestroy flag, can't there just be options in the config to toggle certain things like, needing the same durability, or needing the same tags/attributes..

    If you only made it this way because you can't actually change that stuff, then that's fine I suppose, but if you can change it, why not?
  2. There are several benefits to sticking to vanilla's trading logic. One of them is certainly that it keeps the plugin simpler, and feature requests in check.

    However, there are even technical difficulties that arise when one tries to diverge from the vanilla logic: The last time I checked, the client does some predictions on what items to show inside the trading menu. For example, if it thinks that the trade cannot take place, it clears the result slot. And on various occasions (for example whenever some item in one of the inventory slots is changed), it checks this again and updates the client-side GUI state accordingly.
    The problem is, this client-side inventory updating is even done when I manually set the item inside the result slot on the server-side, and the server then informs the client about this inventory change. So it is quite tricky (if even possible) to override this client-side behavior. Any deviations to the trading logic on the server side, by a plugin such as Shopkeepers, would at least result in client-side visual glitches (e.g. the result slot being empty for this repairable item, even though the plugin would allow the trade on the server-side).

    Edit: There are actually some cases in which Shopkeepers diverges from the vanilla trading logic. However, they all involve preventing a trade that would usually be allowed by Minecraft. And these deviations do indeed result in this mentioned visual glitch: But it is less severe to show the result item of the trade even if the trade cannot actually take place, compared to not showing it even though it could take place.
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  3. Okay, like I said in my previous post, if it's not possible, it's fine, thank you for the explanation! I appreciate it!
  4. Is there a way that when I remove the plugin from my server and the villager shopkeepers will not be remove too? I hope that at least the villagers can keep their names, trading projects, etc., and other mobs can stay with no AI.
    Please do that!
    It is an excellent plugin!
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  5. Nope. This automatic cleanup if you decide to no longer use the plugin is actually a feature. Keep in mind that shopkeepers can by anything, not just villagers, but also other mobs or blocks like signs.
    If you instead want to create regular villagers with custom trades, maybe with no AI and invulnerable, you can spawn normal villagers and edit their trades with the editor built into the Shopkeepers plugin. See the wiki on how this works: https://github.com/Shopkeepers/Shopkeepers-Wiki/wiki/Editor-for-regular-villagers
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  6. Hey very good Plugin,
    Is there a way to move created shops example
    /shop move name
  7. SlimeDog

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    Well, one way:
    • stop server
    • edit plugins/Shopkeepers/data/save.yml and change location: world, x, y, z
    • start server
  8. Hi, I'm asking a question, is it planned in the future to be able to connect the Russian language for Russian speakers?
    On version 1.18.1 - it gives an error and deletes the language pack.
  9. You should already be able to create a language file for a russian translation. If it gives you an error, then there is probably something wrong with the language file. Check that it is properly formatted and encoded in UTF-8.
    If you cannot figure out the issue, consider opening a ticket over at Github and attach your language file there.
  10. Is this plugin working with Vault?
  11. No. But some economy plugins use item-based currencies and implement the Vault API (e.g. Coins, Gringotts, etc.). You can use those together with Shopkeepers for the most part.
  12. Thank you, there was an error in the language file, which I did not notice due to my inattention, have a nice day and development.
  13. Problems with 1.18.2 when an update?
  14. I am aware of it. No eta.
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  15. I tried it on non productive and it seemed to work fine
  16. On Java 1.18.2 server it gives errors and disables the plugin on server startup
  17. Nope not for me on latest paper build
  18. Please urgently an update for 1.18.2
  19. SlimeDog

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    > version
    [15:30:08 INFO]: This server is running Paper version git-Paper-259 (MC: 1.18.2) (Implementing API version 1.18.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) (Git: 2eeca6f)
    You are running the latest version
    Previous version: git-Paper-254 (MC: 1.18.2)

    [13:03:46] [Server thread/INFO]: [Shopkeepers] Loading Shopkeepers v2.15.0-SNAPSHOT+b0b444ee
    [13:03:46] [Server thread/INFO]: [Shopkeepers] Loaded all plugin classes (319 ms).
    [13:03:46] [Server thread/WARN]: [Shopkeepers] Incompatible server version: v1_18_R2 (mappings: eaeedbff51b16ead3170906872fda334)
    [13:03:46] [Server thread/WARN]: [Shopkeepers] Shopkeepers is trying to run in 'compatibility mode'.
    [13:03:46] [Server thread/INFO]: [Shopkeepers] Check for updates at: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/shopkeepers/
    [13:03:46] [Server thread/INFO]: [Shopkeepers] Loading config.
    [13:03:46] [Server thread/INFO]: [Shopkeepers] Loading language file: language-en-default.yml
    [13:03:46] [Server thread/INFO]: [Shopkeepers] Registering WorldGuard flag 'allow-shop'.
    [13:03:46] [Server thread/INFO]: [Shopkeepers] Registering defaults.
    [13:05:22] [Server thread/INFO]: [Shopkeepers] Enabling Shopkeepers v2.15.0-SNAPSHOT+b0b444ee
    [13:05:22] [Server thread/INFO]: [Shopkeepers] Citizens found: Enabling NPC shopkeepers.
    [13:05:22] [Server thread/INFO]: [Shopkeepers] Loading the data of 1 shopkeepers ...

    And the shopkeeper works fine, with no errors in-game or on the console/log.
  20. server 1.18.2 paper 259