Spigot ShopTP 1.5

Every player can make a shop to teleport to

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    ShopTP - Every player can make a shop to teleport to

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  2. What exactly you mean with a safe location ?
    Do this plugin check the location for hazards (monster/lava vs.) ?
    Or maybe it has a check for plugins like Grief Prevention to decide whether that location is claimed ?

    Is there anything that stops players from trapping potential customers in death traps ?

  3. Hi reisben55,

    The plugin does a check when a players sets a shop if it's on a solid block that's empty (so no presure plates or even signs). When another player teleports to the shop the plugin checks again to see if it's still safe. It doesn't check for mobs but thats a great suggestion. That would be a great update.
    So the players cant make death traps other then just wait there to kill the players by hand.

    I hope this answers your question if you have any other question I am happy to help. Also if you have anyother suggestions please let me know

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  4. Is there any plans to port this to 1.12.2 so people running Modded servers with plugins can use this?
  5. I see.
    I think monster check would be really great.
    Then, would it be possible for it to check some claim plugins, like Grief Prevention, and see whether the location is claimed ?
    I mean many claim plugins have pvp disable option in claimed locations. And if I disable to use of lava in claimed locations, these would make shops perfectly safe.
    Having these features would make this shops really safe.
  6. Not atm but if you want I could take a look for you.
  7. What do you mean with check for claim plugins? The plugin does also check for liquids (lava) so that shouldn't be a problem.
  8. The plugin is very good, it is suitable for survival games, and players set store transfer points. Can I add the cost of setting up the transfer point, such as the need for items or money?
  9. Do you mean like you have to pay to use /shoptp command?
  10. Yes, like consuming diamond blocks, or consuming money
    Sorry for bad english
  11. Your suggestion is noted. Right now I am working on a new update of ShopTP so stay tuned for that.

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