Should i buy this laptop ?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by CustomEnchants, Apr 30, 2017.

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  1. CPU= i7 6700HQ
    GPU= Nvidia Geforce 965M 2GB vram
    Ram= 2*16GB DDR4 @ 2133 mhz
    SSD= Intel p600 256GB NVME
    NetworkCard= Intel Dualband Wireless AC 8260
    Price for this is 1200 euros
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  2. latiku


    What do you normally do? If it's for gaming, list some example games.
  3. Coding
    Minecraft/Modern Warfare 3/Black Ops 2/Gta IV,Gta V and pretty much everything on this screenshot
    Laptop will be used for school aswell as my current laptop has a dead screen
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  4. You forgot the price tag which makes it kind of difficult to tell if it's worth purchasing.

    As convenient as having a laptop for gaming and schoolwork is, I would consider purchasing a new laptop each year for ~$250 that comes with Microsoft Office (worth $150) for schoolwork and a regular monitor/computer setup for home as it's kind of the way to go. Even if you're capable of taking care of your laptop, repairs are sometimes necessary to components such the fan or cooling system, in general, to clean it out. If that ends up happening, you're kind of screwed unless you have a local library with computers.
  5. I'm not sure a laptop will be the best choice for gaming. I did do it myself at some point. For development it should be fine but the price tag will be relevant if you want input as to if it's worth it or not.
  6. Plus it has to run multiple vms in some classes so im not buying a $250 laptop every year
    1200 euro
    Cleaning it out wont be a problem im in ICT College :p

    Its not gonna be a main pc to game on just whilst lunch break ;p
    Already got a good desktop if you look in my signature
  7. I think the price is okay.

    Best Regards from Germany,
  8. GPU: The 2Gb wont cut it on the higher end games
  9. Looks like a pretty decent laptop 0.0
  10. Gaxan


    It will be fine for laptop resolutions.
  11. Some but I mean, my laptop has a NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB in it. A GPU with higher VRAM will definitely help if you are playing some larger games like Battlefield 1, GTA, or some games like those, otherwise you will sit at around Low - High Graphics (Don't know actual Settings) on 2GB of VRAM, trying to maximize on FPS and not other things. Personally, save a few hundred and go for an MSI Gaming laptop like I did. I wasn't allowed to build a PC only because I'm going to college. Basically, the only thing I use this for is the portability, and the Graphics Card. Pretty much I can upgrade to 32 GB of Ram which I might do even if its completely useless. But hey, why not right?
  12. Only buy a laptop if you really want portability, beacause you can have a desktop PC with more or less the same specs as that laptop for about half the price
  13. Just thought I'd contribute my professional opinion.
    You can get more for maybe even less or a tiny bit more money. I'd say no, this isn't worth it.
  14. i have something close to this laptop ;p its pretty good
  15. Really isn't worth it for gaming to get a Laptop. You could get a decent PC that could game for $700 USD (625.50 in euros).

    This is completely not worth unless you are stopping playing games all together.
  16. I already have a pc
    i7 6700 4 cores 8 threads @ 3.7ghz
    GigaByte Nvidia Geforce 960 4gb oced to +150 on the core +500 on the memory
    Samsung 750 EVO SSD 250gb (Main drive)
    Sandisk 240gb SSD (Coding drive after my 750gb drive had hardware failure)
    1tb HDD Western digital
    1x 16gb ddr4 ram
    No I can not get this for any less I've checked various brands Asus,MSI primary ones I would want they had nothing near the price range besides I ended up buying this laptop with 8gb ram.
    I had no issues running mw1,mw2,mw3
    Besides its not primarly for gaming[/spoiler]
  17. That's a pretty expensive laptop. If you could afford to make a purchase of that size you should. Most people would probably opt for an average laptop and then have a gaming PC though.
  18. Please for the love of god read the post above
  19. I read your thread and then replied. Anyways, if you already have a gaming PC I honestly wouldn't spend so much money on a gaming laptop as well.
  20. I've been ripped of so many times on laptops for the price i always got garbage.
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