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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by DMEpepperoni, Jul 3, 2015.

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  1. So I am currently using hosthorde pro plan ( and it has 20 GB store and 4 GB of ram and it costs 15$ a month. I am currently getting a little lag, should I switch to shockbyte diamond plan with 8192MB RAM, 160 Slots (Free unlimited slots I heard), SSD, Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth, it costs only 20$ a month.
  2. No, being able to double your RAM with unlimited SSD for just an extra 5 bucks isn't possible. ShockByte don't have a great track record, if you are getting lag I suggest you look into either BisectHosting, Nitrous Networks or get a VPS/Dedi.
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    How many players do you get? If you cut down on the unnecessary plugins and optimize you might find you don't need an upgrade?
  4. I have about 5-20 players while it's like 8 AM - 5 PM in Ireland. And about 20-30 players 6 PM - 5 AM
  5. If you can afford it I'd recommend Kimsufi's KS-4
  6. @dwilson390 they are never in stock when I am online :(
  7. Just as you say that my dad is at a meeting....
  8. Don't worry, the KS-4 is replenished frequently, you can use to receive email alerts about availibity.
  9. K thanks :) Should I just go with shockbyte cos I am just 11 and not really ready for dedi's
  10. Ah okay, I'd say Bisect Hosting or Nitrous Networks would be best for you, better value for money for what you get.
  11. Yeh but I probably need about 8 GB and don't want to spend to much so the server can last for a long time and I can also pay for plugins on spigot and if I need to pay for anything else on the server I will have enough money.
  12. Have you got the server setup? How do you know you will need 8 whole GB's of RAM to just one server?

    Unless your running a huge, 500-600 player server with 30 -40 plugins, 8GB of RAM will be too much.
  13. I'd just go with 8 gigs because I can last my server for a long time with no lag :)
    Also skyped with a staff member of shockbyte they are really kind and their support is great
  14. If optimized well, you could host 5-20 players on a 3GB server. However, ram isn't everything though. Also, too much ram with not many players isn't good as well. Stick to something smaller, and upgrade as you go :p

    As far as using Shockbyte, I can vouch for them.
  15. Why not just spend less money now and upgrade your server later, you can easily upgrade and keep all your existing stuff.
  16. Hmm okay I will go with 6 GB.
  17. How many players & plugins are you expecting to have?
  18. around 35-40 players and 50+ plugins
  19. 4 GB should be enough, as long as you optimize your plugins well.
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