Should I host my server on my computer

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Blockbuster2914, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. what are pros and cons of doing this?
    Can I use vpn to hide my ip?
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  2. No pros really other then you don't need to pay 5 bucks? But you will need wired internet + atleast 50 up and 100 down, Oh also you need ddos protection, you cant hide your ip with a vpn they will be using your ip to connect
    - No need to pay monthly 5 bucks (Asumming you are a kid and not paying the bills)
    - Secure Internet line
    - A Beast pc
    - Fast Internet (50 Down, 100 Up or better)
    - You need Ddos protection (You can't really get that cheap)
    and many more its easier to pay a monthly 5 bucks and get all that for cheap,
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  3. I wouldn't recommend hosting anything from your home unless it's for like internal use only (test server or something). MC hosting is super cheap these days (some providers are too cheap - stay clear of those..). Some reasons I wouldn't recommend hosting from home:

    - No DDoS protection. "Booters" are cheap, or even free, and will easily take out your home network for hours on end.
    - You have to keep your PC on all the time. Power outages, internet outages, etc. will take out your server. For a small server this isn't that big of a deal - but it's just annoying.
    - Residential network connections typically have poorer routes (and more hops) to locations around the world. This means increased ping. Not to mention, depending on your connection, your upload speed is probably pretty poor. Upload is more important than download for your server. For example, my home Xfinity (Comcast) connection has 150Mbps download (pretty darn good), but only 5Mbps upload..
  4. 99% of all vpn providers aren't supporting portforwarding, so which means that you need to use your regulair internet connection.
  5. You are better off renting a Minecraft server or use the free ones. You can use your local server as a dev server if that's what you want.
  6. I would advise get a cheap host. It will kill ur pc
  7. Lots of bad information in this thread. The truth is:

    You don't need 100 Mbps upload. You can easily support 20 players with a 10 Mbps upload speed. You should use a desktop PC (not a laptop) with a wired Ethernet connection (not WiFi).

    You don't need DDOS protection. I home hosted for 4 years and was never DDOSed. If your friends are going to DDOS you, find better friends.

    You don't need a "beast PC". An i7 would be a good choice, and you'll need at least 8 GB of RAM. I home hosted with a i7-860 2.8 GHz built in 2010. It could run the Minecraft server and play Minecraft (client) and stream HD video to a smart TV all at the same time!

    So if you want to home host a server for a group of friends, go ahead. If it's a public server you'll be advertising and expect a bunch of players, get a Minecraft host instead.
  8. 10mbs upload lol? So if 5 people are on they are only going to need 2 each without lag? Yeah i agree you dont need 100 but a goodd 25-50 is needed,
    DDOS protection used to not be needed but now any 9 year old can google "Booster free online" and use it,
    "Beast PC" I7 + 8gbs is pretty decent but the server will still slow down if he uses his pc too,
  9. How much players do you want to serve?
  10. Not all people on your server are friends. Unless your server is truly just between you and friends, then sure. But a lot of times this isn't the case.
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  11. It can vary depending on the server, but each player basically needs 0.3 Mbps (300 kbps). I had an 8 Mbps upload and handled 12 players with no lag.

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