Should I Make A Bedwars Server Or Skyblock Server?

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Should I Make A Bedwars Server Or Skyblock Server?

  1. Bedwars

  2. Skyblock

  1. I am stumped. If anyone has a reason why I should lean towards one over another that would be very helpful.
  2. Bedwars is a fairly new game mode (Even though it's the same thing as egg wars with slight differences) and isn't as saturated as Skyblock.

    Unless you plan on having a unique Skyblock server that's actually unique I'd go with bedwars.

    You'd probably have to spend more money on advertising if you plan on going with a bedwars server.
  3. impossible
  4. How about one that doesn't lag :D
  5. I stand corrected.
  6. A pretty simple rule of thumb to follow when deciding on things like this is:

    Do I have good ideas, plugins, and time for this?

    How long is the average play time for this game mode?


    Can this game mode stand alone?

    Bedwars isn't really a standalone game mode and the average game time is a matter of minutes, also quite a few players are required at all times to keep the game mode alive. I'd start with Skyblock and add at least one more game mode that can be played easily by a relatively small number of players and then branch out to mini games and game modes like bedwars once you have a bit of a player base.

    Not to kill your whole comment but, Skyblock is a pretty old game mode, it's been done over and over and unless you're a real creative thinker and have the budget for custom plugins Skyblock isn't really going to be "unique".

    Also, regardless of advertisement it takes a very "amazingly unique 10/10 super cool fantastic out of this world" standalone bedwars server to gain a lasting player base solely on that one minigame.
  7. So is prisons but it can still be unique. Just look at cosmic prisons lol