Should i make the MiniGame TheLab?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Klaus, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. I think i will start to make "The Lab" plugin from the hive, i can recreate it 100%, but i should hear if is a good idea in making it. I will make it here as a premium resource.
    For me it looks as a good idea :D
  2. Recreating famous server's minigames? Well, it would certainly be cool for others to run this plugin on their servers, but it kind of destroys the point that The Hive had their developers make the minigame to make it exclusive to their server. It's your call :p
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  3. Haha, I created the minigame The Herobrine, and now it's awaiting approval. ;)
  4. Do it for the money?
    You should make something new that nobody else got.
  5. Making something unique is never played, but making a plugin like skywars after Hypixel did on there server is gonna be played (MindBlow xD)
  6. Ye, if there aint any the lab plugins you should prob do that.
  7. 4chan


    shameless plug
  8. What do you mean?
  9. Your adv Your plugin on another thread that has nothing todo with it.
  10. Sorry, because The Herobrine is a minigame in HiveMC, and so he is...
    Ok, sorry again :p
  11. Ye np. Just dont do it again.
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  12. This plugin would definitely become an extremely popular resource, no doubt.