Should I sell, or for free? // Practice Plugin

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  1. Hey guys. I just finished up coding my brand new Practice plugin. It has a lot of features such as Ranked, Unranked, Parties, Elo System, Duel Systems, FFA, and such things. But my question is, should I wait until I get access to premium resources, or should I post it for free now? Also, it is 100% Configurable. Even the item slots.
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  2. If it works well (no bugs, good configuration options, etc) then I think you could sell this for 5-10 bucks, so I would personally do that.
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  3. WAS


    I will have to say though, you may not get many sales (if any) having just waited to put out a premium. As it stands you have one resource available (you put out 30 minutes ago).

    From the looks of it, Premium resources that sell, is because they have a free version usually (people have tried the free version, and want more), and/or the premium plugin comes from a reputable developer.
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  4. Free
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  5. doh


    Personally I think it depends on the quality of the plugin. Maybe you can release a Lite version with less settings for free and wait till you get access to Premium Resources to release the full version.
  6. You really should put it out for free so then people can see what you got without paying for something that they may not like.
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  7. And then 90% won't pay for it because they got it for free. I think a lite and full version idea would be better in this case like @doh suggested
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  8. WAS


    Still, looking at just about any premium resource, I don't suspect many, if any will buy. Best to put out your resources free until you have a following. Especially when you get request for features, you can pool those features into a premium resource. Most premium resources with basic versions are comprised of specific requests people wanted from the basic version before ever having a premium.

    Than again, if you plugin is needed in a lot of servers, and has unique features you know don't exist in others, you might be on to something.
  9. There are already free practice plugins with the same features. Unless yours has a supperior quality, lags less or has more features, no one will buy it if it is a premium plugin.
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  10. DanielNaaman


    It depends, i think you should perhaps release the version to some of your friends as a closed beta. Make your dessision by their rating for the plugin.
  11. Thanks everyone for replying. I think I'm gonna make a free version of the plugin, and when I get access to sell Resources, I will code a Premium version.
  12. I don't think there are free plugin such as mine.
  13. If it is that good, I think you should sell it for cheap.
  14. latiku


    freemium is where it's at nowadays
  15. I recommend you selling it.
  16. $1.5 USD is a good price for what you're offering
  17. WAS


    But what is he offering? We have generalization but that says nothing to the quality of each system, of if they even represent the generalization. Would definitely need some really clever wording, imaging, and videos to make sure people know what they're buying.
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    • Of course I'm gonna make a review of the plugin before selling it.