Solved Should i start using NBT or just keep it this way(custom name)

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  1. So as im working on my biggest project im trying to improve the code and features as much as i can

    Rn im using the "noob" way of doing custom stuff,place a colored name on a item and use it for checks.

    Question is should i start using NBT over this? Im also concerned i will lose version compatibility once i go into NBTs.

    If ur familiar please explain me the goods/bads of using them
  2. Do not use NBT instead use the spigot-api persistence api. getPersistentDataContainer

    Code (Text):

    ItemStack its = new ItemStack(Material.STONE);
    ItemMeta meta = its.getItemMeta();

    // write
    meta.getPersistentDataContainer().set(new NamespacedKey(javaPlugin, "your_special_key"), PersistentDataType.STRING, "Your Custom Value");

    String yourCustomValue = meta.getPersistentDataContainer().get(new NamespacedKey(javaPlugin, "your_special_key"), PersistentDataType.STRING);

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  3. As of Spigot version idk, you can add custom NBT-Tags using the PersistentDataHolder API. This is a convenient way of doing all NBT-stuff while not loosing version-compatibility
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  4. Hmm so its that simple? well thats a pleasent surprise,thanks