Should I switch from SYS to OVH

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  1. I have a tough decision to make.
    So until the 30th of June all setup fees are waived for servers from their BHS data center.
    And my network is growing rapidly we get 30 people a day. But are server machine is not handling well and we need better DDoS protection.
    So I need to figure out whether I should upgrade from my SYS E3-SSD-3
    A link to the server is here:
    And I would upgrade to this OVH machine.

    And if I were to upgrade should I pay an extra 7 dollars a month for the 300 x 3 SSD's in soft-raid? Or should I use the default 2 terabytes x 2 HDD's ? Or should I pay for 2 terabyte x 3 HDD's?
    The pressing issue is if I do choose one of those options I cannot go back.
    So I have 2 questions.
    1. Should I upgrade to from SYS to OVH?
    2. If I do upgrade Should I choose SSD, or HDD?
  2. Timings? IO? CPU usage? MEM usage? What does "not handling well" means?
  3. Honestly I would go for E3-SSD-3 or 4. However, you 'll never get your hands on the 4 these days, always sold out.

    This is because two E3-SSD-3/4 cost nearly the same as one SP-64, whilst you will get a lot more resources (CPU wise) when ordering two E3-SSD-3/4 compared to a SP-64.

    Also I would choose SSDs if you have heavy IO (lots of chunks loading/unloading, saving files)

    But a HDD will also stand it's way. I have changed from SSDs to HDDs a while back, also SYS (now running E3-HDD-4) and HDDs perform just fine. I only noticed that servers start up a little slower, obviously less IO which is noticable when doing have IO like deleting big files, otherwise not very noticable.

    The question you want to ask yourself is whether a SSD offers you enough space. If not, then obviously take a HDD. If so, then a SSD is very considerable, given that it's faster, and available for no additional cost.
  4. I would get the SP-32, has an awesome single thread score.
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  5. Yeah the SP-32 has one of the more recent E3's, you'll be able to do a lot with that machine, plus you get dat OVH permanent DDoS Mitigation <3

    Unfortunately no options for SSD's though :(
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  6. Ye I saw that :/ I wish it had the options for SSD's

    For CPU usage and memory usage heres what I have to say.
    Basicly at about 7 days uptime so far without a reboot (I have had my machine since December of 2014 on SYS) Also I run on my network Creative, GTA, Factions, Champions (RPG server), and Soup/Kit PvP
    The CPU usage is at about 88 percent. But after fresh reboot its at about 90-98% CPU idle with 30 players on and all servers active.
    Here is a CPU graph

    And here is the networking graph's which I have never seen anything like yet.
    Here is a graph of all cores/threads working on my server
    Here is Disk I/O usage

    xDiskName Busy Read WriteKB|0 |25 |50 |75 100| x
    xsda 1% 0.0 1795.0|> | x
    xsda1 0% 0.0 14.0|> | qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqx
    xsda2 1% 0.0 1781.0|> | x
    xsda3 0% 0.0 0.0|> | x
    xsdb 1% 0.0 1795.0|> | x
    xsdb1 0% 0.0 14.0|> | x
    xsdb2 1% 0.0 1781.0|> | x
    xsdb3 0% 0.0 0.0|> | x
    xsdc 1% 0.0 1795.0|> | x
    xsdc1 0% 0.0 14.0|> | x
    xsdc2 1% 0.0 1781.0|> | x
    xsdc3 0% 0.0 0.0|>disk busy not available | x
    xmd2 0% 0.0 1769.0|>disk busy not available | x
    xmd1 0% 0.0 10.0|>disk busy not available | x
    xTotals Read-MB/s=0.0 Writes-MB/s=12.3 Transfers/sec=1687.6
  7. Can you lookup usages by specific spigot instances? Also did you try optimizing (lowering entities etc)?

    30 players is nothing, kimsufi's i3-2130 can hold 4 instances with 30 players each without lag (with 40+ players you're starting to get lagz)... and compared to E3 1245v2, i3-2130 is piece of shit.

    Now if you run 6 spigot instances (and bungeecord i imagine) you should look into optimizing configs, cause IMHO ... even if you get that E5-1620v2 it's not going to be "two times faster" and it's still 4c/8t.
  8. They're back, I just got two, finally! :D

    2015-06-25 16:33:26:
    143sys11 is 1H-low in rbx
    2015-06-25 16:33:58:
    143sys11 is 1H-low in rbx
    2015-06-25 16:34:30:
    143sys11 is 1H-low in rbx
    2015-06-25 16:35:03:
    143sys11 is 1H-low in rbx
    2015-06-25 16:35:34:
    143sys11 is 1H-low in rbx
    2015-06-25 16:36:06:
    143sys11 is 1H-low in rbx
    2015-06-25 16:36:39:
    143sys11 is 1H-low in rbx
  9. Well we were bursting 60 + today at all times. With like 30 people on 1 creative server. and averages across all threads on are CPU were at 00.6%-05.0% idle when we had 30 people with 1 day machine up time. I had never seen such bad CPU usage. :/. I have a lot of my servers I guess not configured for entities. Or their is something seriously wrong with my hardware. Or I just have things horribly configured. I looked at timings for creative and it was not that bad.
  10. If you are growing quickly then it might be worth finding another host where you can get E3-1270v3 or E3-1271v3. They are really good CPU's for large servers and you will be able to hold more players on 32GB of ram then you could on the 64GB OVH machine.
  11. Its just their Anti DDoS Pro plan is attractive because of their permanent mitigation. I wondering whether I should choose the 300 gigabyte x 3 SSDS in soft raid for an extra $7 a month or the 2 terabyte x 3 HDD's for an extra $7 a month for backups.