Should I upgrade my server to 1.11? Or 1.8.

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  1. Basically what the title says, should I upgrade my server to 1.11, or stay at 1.8? Please list your reasons, and highly details.
  2. I feel like, in the context of a server, 1.11 plugins offer more appealing esthetics to your server, but doesn't bring much more functionality. If you ask me, I would stay in 1.8 and open my server to clients in 1.7.x - 1.11.x so you can have a wide range of players instead of only having 1 version that players can join in.
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  3. WAS


    The "range of clients" argument is pretty void these days considering it takes like two seconds to obtain aforementioned versions. Just really supporting client-modifications.

    And as for "functionality" that's really not the case. It seems more about developers caring less about their plugins to maintain them. Where a good portion of unique plugins have no suitable updates for newer builds of Spigot. Which has less to do with "not being able to" and more with not caring to do so.
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  4. Bad idea. Just use 1.11 with ProtocolSupport and BOOM!
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  5. In my opinion 1.8 will die soon, so I would upgrade to 1.11. But what do I know?
  6. Thanks guys, I will think about it, but I still need more opinions.
  7. I'm assuming this is in relation to a pvp server. There are plenty of options to have a 1.11 server with 1.8 pvp. Don't stay 1.8 because everyone else is doing it. Take skycade for example, a popular 1.11 factions server.

    There are so many benefits to upgrading including access to more plugins, stability and support. If that doesn't get you, there's freaking lamas in 1.11!

    I'm running a 1.11 factions server so if you have any questions feel free to PM me.
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  8. 1.8 won't die lmao. If it really does, minecraft will lose a shit ton on players.
  9. Wrong.
    1.8 will die sooner or later and players will move on from that version.
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  10. Wrong. Some players will move, most 1.8 players quit
    We play 1.8 for a reason
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  11. Use 1.11. Minecraft 1.8 is old, unsupported and therefore extremely buggy compared to recent versions.
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  12. The entire PvP community isn't stuck on 1.7.10 (preferrably) or 1.8 for nothing.
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  13. 1.11, with 1.8 pvp?
  14. Latest version :p
    1. You get Support
    2. Lots of plugins compatible usually with the last few latest releases
    3. Lots more stuff (meaning you can limit what you don't want) e.g. PvP
    You could do 1.11 with 1.8 PvP if you really wanted to.
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  15. There are plugins to do this
  16. From all people that play 1.11, noone of them understand why 1.8 is better so I can't explain
  17. I just thought I would also say older versions have many exploits, bugs etc which have been patched on older versions.

    One big one being the Sign Exploit and Book and Quill one.
  18. This is why Minecraft is dying
  19. I think I am gonna quit Minecraft right now. Can't find any good servers to play on
  20. 1.8 support is being dropped rapidly for many things, particularly plugins.

    Mojang hinted during the "Talk With Jeb" at last year's Minecon that they'd be making a solution for players who prefer old physics (meaning literally everyone, which I can agree on). If you are a server that literally does nothing but PvP games, it is probably best to use 1.8 with support for 1.8-1.11, and wait until Mojang decides what to do.

    Rumors are they'd add a server setting of some kind, possibly a gamerule, but no official word yet. And because 1.12 seems to have obtained the bulk of its update material, it seems highly improbable that a major PvP change will be implemented in time for 1.12, meaning you'd have to wait a very long time to update to 1.13 (which we hope would have the PvP change option, but who knows). And by the time 1.13 comes around, you'll be 5 MC versions behind - which will mean: 1) An extremely large amount of your plugins will be no longer supported for 1.8, meaning the server will be more and more buggy (causing player count to drop) as time passes; and 2) many plugins that were made for 1.8 simply won't be around. Not only that, but Mojang has scrapped ideas before, and Mojang didn't say they were actually working on a solution, just making ideas for it, meaning you'd run a high risk of losing it all over time.

    So you have several options in my mind:
    1) Keep your server on 1.8 forever/until Mojang (possibly) implements a PvP change.
    * Keeps your server full of PvP-happy players.
    * Many plugins will remain outdated. Support will be dropped for many of them.
    * If/when you would update to a hypothetical PvP-fixing version, virtually all of your PvP plugins wouldn't exist. Finding new ones would take a very long time, and you'd basically have to start over fresh on your server.

    2) Keep your server continually updated to the latest version of Minecraft.
    * Keeps plugins up-to-date and supported.
    * Allows you to gradually replace plugins that aren't working rather than all at once.
    * Players will enjoy the PvP much less. You'll have to implement a very large amount of distractions (e.g. special weapons and items) to keep them from constantly fighting close-range.

    My recommendation:

    3) Keep your PvP lobbies on 1.8, but add other PvP game modes that use more ranged weapons such as Skywars on 1.11.
    * Allows you to keep 1.8-happy PvP players on some servers, and people who want all the 'latest' features on others.
    * Allows you to gain some experience with running a higher-version Minecraft server without ditching your 1.8.
    * Allows for much more experimentation with plugins and version compatibility.
    * Allows you to keep your favorite functioning 1.8 plugins, but still try out newer ones for PvP on the other lobbies.
    * More time-consuming.

    To be blunt, if you have a lot of time to experiment with your server, I would say the best option is option 3 - a mixed-version server. Keep games on the version most comfortable to you. There are many servers that already do this, with very high success.
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