Should the minecraft server blacklist return?

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Should the blacklist system be re-implemented? (Please reply why)

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  1. Hey there!

    Semi-recently the new system where mojang blacklisted servers for not following the EULA after multiple warnings was removed. For the people that didn't know, this feature blacklisted servers selling items to players or having pay to win features. This feature caused a lot of commotion from both the servers hit by this blacklist and from the players playing on those servers.

    Do you agree with the removal of this blacklist system?

    Personally I think this system should be put back in place.
    Here's why:
    • The servers had months to change their way of gaining money from their players, yet did not change. Now when the changes are in place they're suddenly the victim.
    • This rule stops servers from giving out items what would give players unfair advantages, leading to more balanced gameplay and making servers more enjoyable to play on as a whole.
    • Pay to win features cast a shadow over minecraft as a whole, many people I know think minecraft is bad because of these pay to win features servers have in place. Keeping this blacklist will cleanse minecraft's name a bit.
    • It would filter out the servers that are just in the game for the money instead of actually caring about their player base. And yes I understand, servers need donations to exist, however this does not mean pay to win donations. Cosmetic rank features are perfectly fine (as stated in the eula).
    • Without this blacklist servers without these "premium" pay to win features will get less donations and might have to shut down. Who's going to buy a rank without any OP features if others do offer those? Most people won't (I do).

    What do you think about the removal of this system? And why? I'd like to hear your opinion :)
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  2. andrewkm

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    Wtf are you on about. Connecting to black listed servers is still not possible in the latest client.
  3. MiniDigger


    when, where, why? any sources?
    actually, years
  4. True, the eula is very old. I'm pretty sure though that they only started warning servers that changes needed to be made about 7-8 months ago.
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  5. MiniDigger


    no. the first blog posts where mad in 2014 iirc.
  6. andrewkm

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    You're wrong, yet again.
    Please don't spew random made up facts. Thanks.
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  7. so much misinformation and misguided assumptions
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  8. I'm pretty sure it was never removed... But anyways, here is my opinion.

    You don't like pay to win servers? Don't play on them. They are a plague, just like every mobile game ever made (don't get me started on those shit shows) and I am glad that Mojang wants to prevent that from happening, however, I feel like they are going about it the wrong way. Big servers are still able to get away with selling whatever they want (bribing mojang? dunno) and smaller servers are at risk of shutting down because someone won't like the server selling items to players.

    I think its fine to sell items to players, and give them the option of getting perks for donating that gives them a slight advantage in the game. However, servers began to get money hungry and give people who purchased extra items an insane advantage over free players. Now, any adult would usually just stop playing on that server, and find a better server, but since the majority of the Minecraft community is made up of a younger population, a large percentage of that population would rather go to extremes such as stealing their parents credit card information to buy stuff rather than find a better server to play on. Furthermore, when youtubers got into the mix, rushing all these children onto servers that had a lot of pay to win content, they contributed to the problem because the kids wanted what the "youtube star" had, so they went to extreme measures to get it which can obviously cause legal problems.
  9. MineCove


    Of course they didn't change. The development/advertising market is set to a non-EULA compliant economy. A server that did not comply could easily outbid a server that did. How do you know the servers that did comply were not snuffed out by the competition? A EULA without enforcement merely punishes those who do comply

    Mojang has given no transparency, poor communication, and zero consideration. How the hell aren't servers the victim?
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  10. Splazeing


    Is it gone?
  11. andrewkm

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    No, it's not, the thread creator has no idea what he's talking about.

    You guys can easily check this yourselves by adding a blocked server to 1.10.2 - I don't see why there is speculation on this lol. Someone lock this thread before it spreads too much dumb misinformation.

  12. i9hdkill

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    No reason to keep this thread open. This was discussed, let me guess, thousands of times?
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