Should we really go with ScaleWay?

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  1. Should I buy the VPS cloud 16 GB unlimited bandwidth from ScaleWay for our minecraft network?
  2. Just going how they promote unlimited bandwidth I would not touch them. Minecraft doesn't even need a lot of bandwidth so a metered plan elsewhere will 99.99% of the time will works. Often times you will even have bandwidth leftover too.
  3. What? Just because you don't need unlimited doesn't mean you stay away from them because they offer it.

    I along with someone from the IRC tested it for Minecraft. They use Atom CPUs which did not hold up well for more than a couple players, so your answer is no.
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  4. I meant in the sense there is no such thing as unlimited. Try asking HE,.Congent, Level3, and etc for unlimited commits. Tell me how far you get with that.
  5. How much bandwidth could the server use every month?
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    You don't realize bandwidth doesn't work like a disk in your PC? OVH for example provides unlimited bandwidth with every system. You should research. Scaleaway (their parent brand), OVH,, Hetzner, they are all huge companies that have TONS of bandwidth. They can give no hard limits and get away with it.

    Just because a company quotes you extremely high for a 1G commit doesn't mean a billion dollar company with millions of dollars in assets will get the same price, plus they'd be getting multiple 100G instead of a single gigabit like you. You aren't worth the providers time like the big companies paying millions are.
  7. Depends on many variations but the last time I heard plugins related servers consume 128Kbps/player on average. Meaning if still holds a relative good usage "guide" then a server whose have 8 players at any given point will consume ~320GB of bandwidth (averaging in 1Mbps) per month.

    Thus why most metered providers will do you easily well.

    Twist it however you like but you still don't have unlimited bandwidth. BTW what OVH and etc are actually offering are called unmetered and NOT unlimited.

    Unlimited=as much as you can use
    Unmetered=up to the uplink limitations
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  8. I've been taking a look at a few other cheap dedicated server hosters and found this

    What server would be the best to get out of the plans?
  9. When they say unlimited, it is within the lines of their ToS. Both mean essentially the same thing.
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  10. Technically yes up to 250Mbps at all times and I think burst able up to 1Gbps. Meaning your server maximum is 1Gbps but they will only promise you the 250Mbps then the rest is just if they have under using servers on their racks. You'll EASILY do fine on the 250Mbps just using it as running Minecraft servers on the uplink that they promise you. So I wouldn't worry too much about that. Just be informed of this though so you fully aware what your getting yourself into.
  11. Is the 250 Mbps limit only available in Canada as the servers location is only available in France or would it be the same?
  12. Since they says on that page that they offer both locations they should offer you everything that is stated. Including the promised 250Mbps.
  13. This is hosted on ARM processors, which one would normally use on cellphones... I tried hosting a single MC server on this and it was pretty laggy.
  14. Only their C1 servers, the rest are Intel.
    Their ToS state the limitations of the unlimited bandwidth they offer, which means they can call it that all they want, it's a pretty simple concept..

    Technically speaking "Unmetered Bandwidth" is not a thing either, it's just a different way to say it. "Unmetered" is not a magical word that is defined as "unlimited unless you break the rules" like you think it is, unless they explain it in the ToS. They could call it infinite if they wanted to.

    That link is simply directed to the small startup hosts that have no proper Terms of Service regulating what unlimited means (and of course to sell to you), they both mean exactly the same thing in this case.
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  15. After googling "unmetered"..
    1. 1.
      not charged for according to amount or time used.
    2. 2.
      not supplied or fitted with a meter.
      "an unmetered taxi"

    Meaning I could give you a 1Gbps unmetered port (meaning I don't set a meter on it) but I could not give you unlimited bandwidth in practice.
  16. With HE/Cogent/Level3 you are paying for dedicated bandwidth.

    Briefly looking at Scaleway's website, they seem to look like a cool provider but not applicable at all to minecraft servers. CPU's are too slow like others have mentioned. I also don't see anything wrong with how they are advertising bandwidth. They even used the keyword unmetered not unlimited.
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  17. I was basing it off what the person was looking at..

    Thanks you for the information that they do advertise as they should has.
  18. You're missing the point entirely.

    It's their terms of service that determines what unlimited means, not your Google search of the word.
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