Should you keep your plugins private?

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  1. Hi guys,
    I am working on a plugin (not going to explain what it is right now). I can't make the choice. Should I keep my plugin private? Or should I make it public?

    The problem is, I worked hard on it. And I don't know if it is smart, because most likely big networks, will use my plugins, and will in the end, make money of my work.

    How should I deal with it? Not? I don't like it when people make money of my work, but also I think this plugin is important for the community to have.
    What would you guys do?
  2. Why not sell it if you don't want people using it for free?
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  3. @dwilson390 Hahaha *cute puppy eyes*. Yeah. I considered it, but I feel like a bitch when I sell my plugins.
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  4. Any other ideas for a intermediate solution? Something with licenses?
  5. There's nothing wrong with it. Don't understand why most devs get butthurt over it. You aren't creating something from scratch. You can't customize a Ford Mustang and then consider it a MrThunder car. As long as they aren't copying my code and claiming it as their own custom plugin, I can care less. It takes like 15 minutes to make most plugins out there. If you care that much about it, then keep it private. Paid plugins aren't safe either. Anybody can buy it and share with their friends on Skype regardless of what "TOC" you put in your plugin description. There's nothing legally binding about that.
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  6. I'd say it is an honor for a lot/big servers to use your plugins, shows youve made a good quality plugin, and theres nothing bad about selling plugins
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  7. Unless your plugin is like a new Essentials, WorldEdit or WorldGuard, I don't see why a large network will be using it.

    Large server's use their own private plugins made for them by their developers, and even if a large network did use your plugin, that should be an honor and something you could brag about.
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  8. I seriously doubt something like Mineplex is using anything public, or ripping off some kid's plugin. From what I've heard, they spent $15K on one of their mini games, when they could have just paid $10 for SurvivalGames. OP has nothing to worry about.
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  9. I agree, selling your plugin is a good way to be rewarded for your hard work.

    If you really don't want to, why not create a free version, then have a paid version which is more advanced?
  10. if you don't like having drama, just keep it private.. simple.
  11. Use an obfuscator to "save" your plugin. It's very helping.
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  12. @TestUser2019 Shit man. That's so smart. I'm going to do that. Thanks!!
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  13. I kept most of my plugin privately in the past two years. This includes my honorable plugin "TpDeluxe". Basically I consider it to be the best teleporting plugin that I have ever seen. Players are able to choose their own teleporting effects/particles with different patterns, and different notification bars (used to be BossBar, now ActionBar).

    Some other plugins that I wrote, I won't release them, and I can't sell them. Those plugins are only be fun on my server. Usually there are new jokes or fun stuffs coming from the internet, and some players will ask me to make a related fun plugin with it. Usually the plugin will also contains something fun from my server, making it not really fun anymore for anyserver else.

    Also I write a minigame plugin every week. They are condensed with my minigame ideas, however they are poorly customizable and needed to be recoded a lot before I release them.
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  14. My plugins always are free, but i accept donations .
  15. Just publish it for free and open source. Also allows other people to criticize your work (which allows you to further develop your skills). Imho the only reason something should be sold if it's either really unique, hard to create or just creates a lot of time to maintain (huge plugins).

    (note: I bet you 80% of the premium plugins, if not more, are rather easy and have me question why they are even worth selling).
    (note #2: not bashing the fact that people can sell their work, I'm bashing the fact that people can sell the worst code)
    (note #3: @drtshock still has my preferred 'business model' (no clue how to address it), open source with sold binaries/support)
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  16. A bit dissapointed to see the negative and defeatist attitude in this thread. I made this decision a year ago by realizing that all I want is to make a difference.
    By releasing my code as open source, It is open to the largest audience, I can feel good when it is used without my permission and I'm free to work on it. It also means I can share code snippits to help others.
    Your code will end up public, so ehy not make it easy and generate the most happiness you can? Besides, the official open source project will also be the most well maintained and you will recieve credit, as people won't feel bad about using your work.
  17. Great, here is a question:
    You and a random person are given two choices each.
    Choice 1: Both of you receice $300.
    Choice 2: You get $500 and he get nothing.
    Question: What is the desirable outcome and what will happen in the real world scenario?
  18. I'd like to actually say I'd rather the developer who used my code gets the profit - a donation would be nice, but it isn't my plugin that earned him the money, it's his integration of it.
  19. saphiria


    Big servers are not going to use public plugins. They make their own.