Spigot Show Ores [CoreProtect addon] 5.0

Tool for moderators/admins to catch xray'ers.

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    Show Ores [CoreProtect addon] - Tool for moderators/admins to catch xray'ers.

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  2. As this plugin didn't have too many downloads, I didn't have it high on my priority list to update it to the spigot 1.13 dev build. However, I'll get to it this Thursday or this weekend!
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  3. Thank you for the response. Yeah it doesn't have enough downloads yet but I think it will be really popular once it more people see it :p You should message the Core Protect Dev see if they'll add your addon to their page, they might do it.
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  4. Really happy to hear you enjoy the plugin ^^
    That's what I make these plugins for!

    Perhaps I'll message the Coreprotect author, but maybe I'll work a bit more on this plugin. Adding some more features and such.
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  5. Hey, is this plugin going to support 1.13.(2)?
  6. ah no, it isnt, let me get on this. Give it an hour.
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  7. Just noticed a friend of mine... @Professor_Melvin fixed this plugin for me a while ago...
    Thanks again bud :D
  8. Sorry for the long wait all...
    Haven't been playing much Minecraft lately, so my plugins on here have been lacking support as well.
  9. Any chance you could share the source code?
  10. Feel free to decompile the .jar file :)
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  11. I would love to see this plugin updated to 1.14.4 / 1.15. This is a VERY useful plugin, but it is very hard to find it for some reason. Perhaps add some keywords like anti-cheat, etc.
  12. I would love this to be updated, any chance of it?