Show your gaming setup!

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  1. waiting for Bestle to post a house tour...LOL earning $50K+ a month.
  2. Bestle


    Mansion tour* :p
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  3. Also waiting to see Hypixel Ferrari show room tour earning $150k+ a month.
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  4. SuperSpyTX


    While we wait for the above, I accidentally my desktop

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  5. May I ask who is the guy on your screen?
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  6. Outlaw11A



    Thats gabe newell! Lord GabeN our god!
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  7. Someone that earns $10,000 a month on their server, please do a car tour at least...Stop being stingy..
  8. CustomForms

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  9. md_5

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  10. Nice ancient desk...Wood ages I suppose, before plastic was used..
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  12. md_5

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    Really confused as to whats wrong with a good wooden desk.
    I'd much prefer a hardwood desk that will last the next 30 years compared to a cheap piece of junk from Ikea.
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  13. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Oh dear.

  14. Behringer Qx1202 Mixer?
  15. 1202fx, not using it via USB.
  16. Ahh, Okay.
  17. YoFuzzy3


    Bought more stuff, installed more parts, here's my setup now.

    • case: nzxt phantom 530 black
    • mobo: gigabyte z87x-ud3h
    • cpu: intel i7-4770k
    • ram: gskill ripjaws 16gb 1600mhz
    • gpu: gigabyte gtx 770 2gb
    • ssd: samsung evo 840 500gb
    • hdd: seagate barracuda 2000gb
    • cooler: thermaltake nic c5
    • psu: thermaltake smart 750w
    • optical drive: i forgot
    • some other random parts
    • 6 led fans because i'm cool like that (wow such pun)
    • screen 1: asus 23.6" ve247h
    • screen 2: asus 23.6" ve247h
    • speakers: logitech 5.1 z506
    • mic: samson meteor
    • headset: logitech g35
    • webcam: logitech c525
    • keyboard: steelseries gw2 edition
    • mouse: steelseries gw2 edition
    • mouse pad: steelseries gw2 edition
    More pics, cable management judges please (the interior of the PC of course):

    Desktop background:
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  18. Might aswell get this thread started again. This is my updated setup after i got my new pc case.

    Case is a Zalman Z3 Plus

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  19. Dmck2b

    Services Staff


    On your left, you will find a horrible AMD APU Advent laptop.
    Sightly down, you will find a pair of Corsair Vengeance 1500v2 headphones.
    You will see a generic OEM keyboard, along with a Razer mamba mouse.
    Cup contains some peppermint tea.
    Screen is some 23" HP one, with a Samsung 1TB external harddrive below it.
    Fractal Define R4 containing nothing except PSU, SSD and cables and to your right you'll find my motherboard in it's antistatic bag as I enter day 7 of a delivery that was meant to be overnight of a new heatsink after the last one arrived smashed.
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  20. Outlaw11A


    Here's my setup:


    Specs of da PC:

    Intel i7 4770k
    16GB RAMs
    GTX 780ti
    Corsair Air 540
    Corsair h100i
    Ducky Shine 2 with MX Browns
    Astro A40
    Razer Deathadder
    Razer Goliathus
    Some crappy dell monitor