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  1. Show off your PC specs or server.
    Not even sure if this thread already exist, couldn't find it.

    My server (s02):


    (using windows server 2012 because some software that I need and other reasons)
  2. Pc specs:
    Processor: Intel 4th Generation Quad Core i5-4440 Processor 3.1GHz
    Memory: 16.00 GB 1600MHz
    Motherboard: Intel B95 - Lenovo Stock
    OS: Windows 10
    Graphics Card: Asus GTX 750ti 2GB OC
    Network speed: 50/75
  3. As of tomorrow when I get my bday presents I will have
    i7 4790k
    16gb 1866mhz
    MSI G45-Z97 Pro
    Gigabyte G1 980ti
    256gb SSD Crucial Drive
    4x128gb X110 SSD's
    Custom painted Corsair C70
    Alot of LED's and fan controlers
    300/300 Network Speed
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  4. foncused

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    32GB DDR3
    EVGA GeForce GTX 980 SC 4GB
    2TB HDD (Games, storage)
    120GB SSD (Windows 7 Enterprise/boot)
    ASUS Z97-A

    EDIT: Upgraded SSD to 500GB 850 EVO.
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  5. CPU: i5-4590s
    GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4600
    Memory: 2x4GB 1600MHz DDR3
    Disk: 120GB SSD (Moving to a 64GB µSD soon)
    Case: Some tight 14L hottie
    Operating System: Arch with SnapWM

    I'm extremely pumped for Skylake. I'm waiting for Skylake-E and grabbing one with a 128mb GT4e. That thing beats a GTX 750. Gonna aim for some 3200-3800MHz 1.25V LDDR4 sticks to really let it stretch it's legs.
    I plan on getting a Thin mITX motherboard and stuff it all in a successor to this cutie. Can you imagine a 1.4L mid-end gaming PC driving three monitors? :eek:
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  6. [​IMG]
    This is just a simple cheap computer I bought to do work on. I'm currently waiting for BTC to raise to get a new rig. Once that happens I'm going to spending 5k on a new PC hopefully. I might overclock this at some point, but I really see no need now.
  7. Server:
    24gb of ram
    128gb of SSDs

    16gb of ram
    120gb ssd and 2tb hdd
  8. Processor: i5 2500k
    Memory: 16GB @ 1,333MHz
    Storage: 128GB SSD & 2x 500GB HDD
    Graphics Card: GTX 660TI
    Case: NZXT Phantom 820
  9. 2 Intel quad core 5520's
    3 hotswapable spinning drives(hdd) 250GB
    1 120GB Samsung ssd
    24GB of ram, 3 sticks of 4 GB in triple channel and another 3 sticks of 4GB in dual channel (I broke a pin off a motherboard cpu socket, so a set of slots doesn't work :()
    Plus a big UPS
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  10. Processor: AMD FX-8350
    RAM: 2x4GB G.Skills 1866Mhz DDR3
    GPU: Asus 2G GTX 750Ti Overclocked edition
    Storage: 1TB Western Digital
    Sound Card: Asus Xonar
    UPS: CyperPower
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  11. Server:
    Currently using an Amazon AWS EC2 T2.Micro server.

    Work Rig:
    CPU: i5-4690k @ Stock
    GPU: MSI GTX 970 Gaming @ Stock
    RAM: 2 x Patriot Viper 3 Gaming 4gb 1866MHz
    MOBO: MSI Z97-G45 Gaming
    PSU: Corsair RM750 (replaced the 650 that I had to RMA)
    CASE: NZXT h440
  12. Not in gaming.
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  13. CPU: AMD A8-4500M(4CPUs) ~ 1.9GHz overclocked to 2.4GHz
    RAM: 6GB DDR3 2400 non-ecc
    Graphics: Onboard RADEON HD 7640G bumped a little over it's limit with AMD overdrive ;)
    OS: Windows 8.1

    Study laptop FTW :p Miss my old rig at home <3 RIP
  14. CPU: i7 3770k - 3.5 GHz
    RAM: 8 GB DDR3
    GPU: GTX 660 TI
    OS: Windows 8 (soon to be 10)
    Network speed: 115 down/12 up
  15. How do you plan to cool it in such a small case, especially if its powering 3 monitors :/ Sounds a bit "extreme" :p
  16. I'm currently cooling a hotter chip than the Skylake-E chip I plan to get with almost passive cooling. It's just one 80mm noctua fan running at the lowest possible speed an a regular CPU heatsink with no fan directly attached. The settings matter more than your heat dissipation.
    How does the case size change heating capability? Using such a small case just gives me much easier access to fresh air and exhaust meaning less power is needed to cool it.
    The CNPS2X is the cooler I intend to use in this build which is rated a 120W heat dissipation, and with the right case configuration that's not unrealistic.
  17. Cldfire

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    Two years ago, you could do this with a Titan. Full performance, very quite.

  18. Note: The following PC was built on a tight budget of $450 AUD and all parts were bought from a local computer store.

    CPU: Intel Pentium G3258 OC'ed at 4.0GHz
    CPU Cooling: Stock Intel CPU Cooler
    RAM: Crucial 2x4GB 1600MHz (Although, that speed is brought down to 1333MHz due to the CPU not supporting anything over 1333MHz)
    Motherboard: Asus H81M-E (Supports overclocking and support for up to 16GB RAM)
    GPU: Gigabyte R7-250 OC 2GB Edition
    Case: Casecom (Something, not sure. It was cheap and came with a PSU so for my budget it was perfect!)
    PSU: Top-Mounted 550W (Came with case) w/ 120mm Fan facing down.
    HDD: 1TB WD Caviar Blue @ 7200RPM
    Keyboard & Mouse: Gigabyte Keyboard and Mouse Combo (For only $12, I couldn't resist!)
    Networking: TP-Link DWA-548 300Mbps Wi-Fi Card
    DVD Drive: Asus DVD Writer
    Network Speed: 60KB/s down/30KB/s up

    Yes, you did just read my correct internet speed.

    Thanks :) Hope you enjoy!