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  1. U use a 20$ cpu?
  2. They may work together w/ a BIOS update.
  3. X299 is an Intel chipset.
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  4. latiku


    r7 3700x
    2x 8gb ddr4-3600
    asus tuf gaming x570-plus (wifi model)
    rtx 2080
    corsair 275r

    (nvme) xpg sx8200 pro 1tb
    (nvme) samsung evo 960 250gb
    (sata) 128gb crucial ssd
    (sata) 128gb kingston ssd
    mouse: glorious model o
    keyboard: blackwidow v2 chroma tournament edition
    headset: logitech g430 w/ mic disabled
    mic: rode nt usb
    monitor: hp 25x​
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  5. Running servers doesn't depend on the most expensive CPU in the world...
  6. Yeah but they also shouldn't use a 10 year old CPU :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

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  7. A large part of the routers in the world have never been updated and look, internet works at today :eek:
  8. Windows 95 worked aswell but I'm pretty sure that u don't use it anymore :eek:
  9. But Windows it's a software, we are talking about hardware XD
  10. All the more effective is my example.
  11. Uhhh my laptop is nothing really special but gets the job done.

    i5 8250u
    8GB RAM
    256GB SSD

    lol it can program fine.
  12. HP 15-ba009dx
    AMD A6-7310 APU
    AMD Radeon(TM) R4 Graphics
    8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR3
    SSD WD Green 240 GB
    extra: one shitty cooler that it doesn't works

  13. Strahan


    You do realize that routers are software as well, right? It's just a miniature computer running specialized software. Also comparing a router to a server is foolish; the router is a single purpose device running lightweight software. Servers, the kind you would be running game servers on, are wildly different beasts.
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  14. Current Personal rig is running
    Ryzen 3 1300x
    16GB HyperX DDR4
    Strix B350-F mobo
    Strix 1060 6GB
    2 2TB WD Blacks
    1 100gb WD Green

    Bit of an underpowered system due for an upgrade. But runs very well
  15. So what's the most popular server OS? Debian/Linux kernel based, that's common to routers, who uses a Debian based image, because Debian uses less resources than Windows, in fact you get more "free" hardware to run services or apps.

    There are Intel Xeon processors with 12 cores manufactureds on years 2013-2014 currently selling on Aliexpress around 150-200€ better than i5 eighth generation, and also selling domestic motherboards for them around 100€.

    Back to the point, if you want to run a server, obviously you need a very good cpu, but if you don't use it exclusively for that task, you have to adjust your budget based on what you are going to use it for.
  16. Strahan


    Yea... that was kinda my point :) I just found it amusing that you said Windows is software and we're talking hardware, to which I infer you meant the routers when routers are just software as well.
  17. Should have gone all in.. I got a budget medium build PC.

    Ryzen 5 2600
    16GB DDR4
  18. I guess this thread is still relevant, so let me list my specs:


    Ryzen 5 1600 (3.2 GHz, 6 cores)
    GTX 1060
    16GB DDR4
    500GB HP SSD
    Windows 10

    Laptop (not used very often):
    i7-5500U (2.4GHz, dual core)
    12GB DDR3
    1TB HDD
    Onboard graphics
    Windows 10

    2x Xeon E5645 (2.4 GHz, 6 cores per CPU)
    32GB ECC DDR3
    500GB SAS HDD
    And sadly a non functional 2TB SAS HDD
  19. Isn’t it RTX not GTX?