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    ShowMap - Show any .png, .jpg, etc images on a map when a player joins!

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  2. @ThePurpleHoser
    Hi is it possible to add support for multiple image?

    Player left click, it goes to the previous page,
    Player right click, it goes to the next image.

    This could be really nice for amini server-guide, rules, instructions.

    Thanks again and really nice idea, I search this for a long time, but one image only :( Not really useful I think
  3. who said you cannot have multiple images?? ;) Multiple images support is already in a branch.
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  4. Wow thank you so much :)

    Is it possible to add: /showmap to open the map insteaf of: /showmap map

    1-) Players loose their 0 slot item when the plugin load...
    Any way to prevent the map to be give tothe player if the 0 slot (1st one) was used by an item?

    2-) When the player was AFK and switch to another item, he loose the map and his item on the 1st slot was recover...

    3-) The ./showmap map command give nothing to the player if he was not an OP

    4-) The ./showmap help command always give this in the chat if the player was a normal player:

    I want to add text to the map. How I can do this?
    Which size I need to choose on a document before taking a screenshot of it?

    The text look like this:

    Maybe you can add an option to enable if we want to add a text.

    Maybe something like:
    Code (Text):
    enabletext: true/false
        - line1: textthatgoonline1
        - line2: textthatgoonline2
        - line3: textthatgoonline3
        - line4: textthatgoonline4
        - line5: textthatgoonline5
        - line6: textthatgoonline6
        - line7: textthatgoonline7
        - line8: textthatgoonline8
        - line9: textthatgoonline9
    With this, I can add a small-tutorial, rules, etc on it.
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  5. the plugin give the map at the specified slot but as soon as the user switch item in his/her hand, the map goes away and previously hold item at the slot will be restored (so that the player never lose the item).

    The map is 128×128 pixels in size. If you want to put a text on a map, make sure that texts are readable in 128×128 resolution.
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  6. If I have a full inventory, what happens?
  7. It take place on the 1st slot.
    When the player switch item, they find their item again in the 1st slot
  8. when a map is given, the item previously at the map slot is saved in player's file and when map is gone, it is retrieved and placed in the same slot. The item is saved using NBT so it will not lose any custom NBTags on it.
  9. Disc


    This plugin isn't giving new players maps unless they are OP. The /showmap command doesn't give them one either.
  10. Could ShowMap possibly support gifs in the near future?
  11. What versions does the plugin support?