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  1. Hey.
    Im trying to hide shulker box content text,
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Can anyone help? can it be done without the use of packet manipulation? if it cant - what packet is fired and I should be listening to? thanks in advance.
  2. Try using ItemFlags. There should be something hiding these lores
  3. I tried it already, however item flags are mainly for certain things, ie showing if a block is placeable or hiding attributes such as "speed" or "damage", but this isnt an attribute nor is it in any other itemflag... thanks for trying though!
  4. Not sure with this one, but could it might just be a lore?
  5. Tried that as well - it isnt :) , if you remove the lore, itll stay the same as the item simply doesnt have any lore at all, if you add lore, it will simply put it below those lines. thanks
  6. Might have to try using NBT.
  7. I am absolutely CLUELESS with NBT, any help is appriciated.
    Anyone know what packet is fired when the block updates to show the writing to a client?
  8. ItemFlags are for certain items, but not only. I remember in 1.8 to hide banner's shapes in lore we had to use ItemFlag.HIDE_POTION_EFFECTS. You should try this
  9. I tried hiding them all with no success... using TinyProtocol I was able to find the packet that is fired, which is WindowItems, a packet that is sent every time an inventory is opened or upon login, Il trying messing with it, if anyone has any more ideas, please share! thanks!

    Listen to all the PacketPlayOutSetSlot packets, the packet is fired whenever an item is loaded, reloaded, set, moved, or changed inside players inventory. listening to the packet WindowItems will NOT work (I tried it for hours till I realized its the incorrect packet).
    once you listen to the packet, check for field C, which is an item stack (field a and b are int, which I believe indicate slot and inventory type).
    once you have field C, simply replace it with a new itemstack of the same material, and send the packet to the client, that way there wont be any description of whats inside the shulker box, however when placing it, the content will be kept inside.
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