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  1. Hello community,

    can i stop/shutdown a hub/server in the network of BungeeCord from bungeecord?

    If i can do it , how i can do it? What i must do for it?

    Thanks for the help ;-)

  2. .getServer().shutdown? Not 100% sure..
  3. Nope, ServerInfo don't have a shutdown method.
  4. Most times, minigame servers automatically restart server by themselves.
  5. You need a plugin on your server, communicating with bungee that manages the shutdown.
  6. It's not for that, it's for to long inactivity to shutdown the server. If everyone will be connect to the offline server , i start it with BungeeCord and users can connect the server again.

    That's i think than is the easiest way if no other way exist ... :-(
  7. You can use it only on your BukkitServer. No other way. Maybe by using ByteArrayOutputStream but i don't know. Use Bukkit.getServer().shutdown();