Spigot Sideways 1.1

Make yourself go sideways (via a glitch)

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    Sideways - Make yourself go sideways (via a glitch)

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  3. Thats quite interesting o_O
  4. uploading a youtube video
  5. Lol, source code?
  6. permissions please
  7. No permissions required, do you want permissions added?
  8. yes please! making this a donator perk
  9. Yes!!!
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    Add permission node

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  11. This plugin is just silly. :D
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  12. The permission is sideways.use not inferno.burningdeaths .
  13. LOL, I did not type that, or at least I do not remember doing that. And my computer does not automatically auto correct for me.
  14. CTRL + V?

    Will use this for april 1st, hoping it still works ;3
  15. I have to ask you. Does this use the death glitch and setting their health back to 20? That's what appears to be happening.
  16. Pretty much