Sigh, can't figure out how to get PVP to actually let me smack a player

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  1. OK so I've got a huge 'spawn' claim. Inside that I've got 'pvp' sub claim.

    I've done this

    First, make sure you have PvP enabled in your

    Next, do the command: "/rg flag __global__ pvp deny"
    (This disables PvP everywhere in your world.)

    Then, do "//wand" and select the region that you want PvP enabled in. Once you do that, use the command: "/rg define <area name>".
    (This creates a region that can be flagged with settings.)

    Next you want to use "/rg setpriority <area name> 100".
    (This makes the settings that you add to the region override anything with a lower priority, such as __global__.)

    Finally, do: "/rg flag <area name> pvp allow".
    (This enables PvP in the area you made.)

    I am at a loss...Here is a screen shot of my plugins

    Any files you want me to upload, just tell me what you want to see.

    ^Essentials confg file

    ^GriefPreventionData config file

    ^server PEX file

    ^Server properties

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  2. So you are trying to override another region right? What priority is that region set to because that region may have pvp set to deny?

    Thx Pixl
  3. ok found it, __global__ is priority 0, the 'pvp' area is priority 100
  4. my 'spawn' region that 'pvp' is inside of, has a priority of 50
  5. Your "AAC2" looks suspicious to me.