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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by YouSeeMeRunning, Apr 16, 2019.

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  1. Hello guys,

    I was just wondering if anyone knows of a plugin or is willing to create a plugin that blocks special symbols on a sign to stop people using this dupe
  2. Are you talking about the chunk size overload where they make tons of signs or books?

    Pretty sure the vanilla Minecraft client blocks Unicode characters on a sign, but I suppose a hacked client might send them on to the server.

    Blocks a LOT of exploits across multiple versions of spigot, i could easily add a check that would block any Unicode from being applied to a sign via a hacked client or if there’s a vanilla way of doing it.

    But the only real way to stop the dupe which can be done with a lot of regular signs is to limit the amount of signs that can be placed per chunk. Have any idea how many signs it normally takes?

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  3. You can print signs with unicode in with schematica (Not going to teach you how)
    That plugin doesn't seem to fix my sign issue

  4. Well if I can’t duplicate the method I can’t fix it for you.... especially if they’re pasting them in from schematics, that’s an entirely different ball of wax!

    A) why do regular players have access to loading and pasting schematics?

    B) why not ask the author of schematica to disallow Unicode or at least make it an option?

    C) If schematics can be loaded in why do you care about dupes they could just paste in everything they want.

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  5. A: It's a skyblock server where schem / printer is allowed
    B: People would need to update their schem for it to apply to them
    C: What? They need the stuff to build the schematic (They'd use printer)
  6. Feel free to message me with the details and what version you’re having this issue with. My dupe fixes / illegal stack plugin addresses a lot of these issues already.

    If your server is open to that dupe chances are there’s several others that aren’t fixed as well.

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  7. What is your discord? Just noticed that you are the author
  8. Its in my sig Er one sec might not show up on Tapatalk.

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  9. You'd be surprised what players can do then.. it's a risk you deliberately take.
  10. A lot of servers allow printer...
  11. Tau



    Pattern p = Pattern.compile("[a-zA-Z0-9]+");//perhaps add a different pattern, but that work work.

    if (!p.matcher(signText)) {
    e.setLine(0, ChatColor.RED + "Non-Alphanumeric")
    e.setLine(1, ChatColor.RED + "Disallowed")
    e.setLine(2, "")
    e.setLine(3, "")
  12. Unless your server isn’t English or you want colored text on the signs.

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  13. Thread is closed - dNiym helped me
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