Spigot Sign Edit 1.2

Edit signs with support for all claim/land protection plugins

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    Sign Edit - Edit signs

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  2. Works great , thanks ;)
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    Perms and Claim support

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  4. Hello,

    I've installed this plugin and changed the item to a feather, but now it's not working. I don't get any message or something...

    My config:
    Code (Text):

    Item: FEATHER
    Lore1: Klik met deze pas op een
    Lore2: sign om hem aan te passen!
    Name: SignEdit Pas
    NoWand: '&2Jij mag geen signs aanpassen!'
    ClaimProtection: true
    I'm using WorldGuard as a protection plugin.

    Can you fix this problem for me?

    Kind regards,

  5. please support signs protection, only can be edited by the player in his own claim
  6. It should if you look at the config for claim protection