Sign has the wrong rotation

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by GoduHD, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. I set a wallsign, but it isn't attached to the wall. It is rotated around 90°, although there's no block, behind it.
    Here's my Code for the sign:
    Code (Text):
    World lobby = Bukkit.getWorld("ServerHubHD");
        Block b1 = lobby.getBlockAt(90, 20 ,9);
        Block b2 = lobby.getBlockAt(90 ,20, 11);
        Sign s1 = (Sign)b1.getState();
        Sign s2 = (Sign)b2.getState();
        s1.setLine(0, "§6- FFA 1 -");
        s2.setLine(0, "§6- FFA 2 -");
        s1.setLine(1, "Map1");
        s2.setLine(1, "Map2");
        s1.setLine(2, ffa1+"/10");
        s2.setLine(2, ffa2+"/10");
  2. That's the most hardcoded thing I've seen in a long while. Ew.
    However, Signs are rotated based on their data values.
    You can try that ingame with:
    Code (Java):
    setblock ~ ~ ~ wall_sign <data value, 0-15>
    Then, set the block to that data value with Block#setData(byte) and you should be good to go.