Sign shop plugin?

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  1. Any other plugin other than essential signs? I uploaded my server on here and constructive feedback that people stated was my essentials signs shop and how you should never use essential signs since it makes your server look ugly and un-professional.

    Can someone link a plugin of a nice Sign shop plugin please?

  2. For a public shop or each player can do a sign in his shop?
  3. Public shop.
    Just a better plugin that's more neater than essential signs and I'm wanting it for players to right click a buy sign and receive what they have brought.

    For example;

  4. clip


  5. What economy plugin are you using?
  6. I have a selling plugin all sorted, now I'm just looking for an plugin that replicates essentials signs in a neater way.
    Heres something what someone said about my "previous" server where I was using essential signs to create my buy/sell shop.

    Any suggestions?
  7. This plugin is like essentials signs
  8. I've just had a look at that one but It opens a chest.
    For sure there's other plugins that replicates essentials signs more neater?
  9. Fixed!
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  10. Isaacey, perhaps you should use something else, i used signshop but now i got dtl trader, and i am loving it, you need vault and citizens2 and dtl trader, i for example got a city with blacksmiths general traders all selling stuff, you right click the trader (the blacksmith for example) and you see his stock, you can buybitems from him and sell items and see the proce on each specific item! Its a great pluggin and really easy to use!