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Feature Sign Text View Distance

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by SpaZMonKeY777, Jan 27, 2013.

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    So I requested this as a plugin on the bukkit forums a long time ago, and attracted zero interest, and maybe this isn't an issue among many servers. But I figured I would shoot the idea here with Spigot just for the heck of it.

    A long while ago when I first started playing SMP and messing around with servers, I learned that chunks with large amounts of signs in them would cause FPS to drop client side heavily. This only affected signs with text on them. So upon creating my server, I tried to space out my signs as much as possible around spawn, but FPS still would continue to drop.

    So that's when I recommended a plugin that would not show sign text until you were within a configurable distance of the sign itself. I swear there was a plugin that did this before, but could never find it. It would greatly reduce client side FPS drops until they reach an area with tons of signs.

    Would it be beneficial for Spigot to add a function that would make signs appear blank until you are within 'x' blocks away from them? Would this just be more suitable as a plugin than an addition to spigot? Very curious, as some of our player run shops on our server host hundreds of signs within a few chunks. Thanks for reading!
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  2. i have a bazaar on my server with ~200 signs in a few chunks, This causes FPS drops of up to ~60 compared to other regions on the map.
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  4. SpaZMonKeY777

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  5. Sorry for bumping an old thread; is there any way to change sign text view distance at the moment? I have a lot of signs at spawn and FPS is dropping to 90 (in wild ~200). I have tried to delete all the signs and the FPS has increased to 200... Can somebody please help me? Thanks! :)
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  6. I wish there was xD .. The public shops area on my spawn drops me from 250fps to 30fps lol >_<
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  7. Ugh :S So nothing we can tweak on our servers? :(
  8. md_5 is there any way to add this feature? Many servers have problems because of that. I know it's hard to implement that but adjustable sign text view distance will be a very cool and usefull feature.
    Thank you and I appreciate your work :)
  9. By default the client will render every sign that it finds in the loaded chunks, so large amounts of signs (with text) will lag out the MC client because of the renderer failing to keep up with rendering all the signs. What @sk98q s mod does is simply limit the render distance of signs.

    I think this can also be fixed from the server side without any problems. Spigot would just need to limit the distance at which sign content is send to the client and update the client again if it gets near signs (like entity-tracking-range does now with entities).
    Doing this should also safe some bandwidth and prevent cheat/hack clients from getting sign content that is way out of view.
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  10. Well if this is possible to fix server-side, lets hope spigot does add a feature to do so <3
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  11. Sorry for tagging again @md_5, but can we get some reply to this feature? Thanks!
  12. Just so you guys know, this "fix" is included in Optifine. I also used to maintain a mod that did the same thing, except for item frames.
  13. We are aware chrisk, however with larger communities, it is a much simpler solution to fix this server side, opposed to communicating with 400+ players in attempt to get them Optifine.
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  14. Just pointing it out for anyone who didn't know.
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  15. joehot200


    This is possible and has been mentioned 3 times now, i believe it is on md_5's TODO list.
  16. From the wiki:
    I'm not 100% sure but if this also includes tile entities then messing around with misc and other should do the trick I think.
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    Currently this does not affect tile entities.
  18. This feature would be fantastic. I unwisely built a 'mall' area with rentable slots, and players complain about fps there pretty commonly. I suspect sign rendering is a big part of it. Frames, too.
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  19. It's possible and been on my "todo" list for a while.

    Basically its to add a tracking-range setting for Tile Entities too. However this is far more complicated due to tile entities being sent on a per chunk level, so its settings would likely need to be chunk oriented and its not as simple to implement as we have to figure out what chunks of TE's the user has received and will need to still receive.
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  20. I’d certainly welcome this feature myself, there’s currently an open bug report MC-5169 on the Minecraft bug tracker about signs with text on causing huge FPS drops, it wasn’t an issue for us on 1.5, but as soon we updated to 1.6 the issue became obvious.

    For the time being I’ve been directing players to use optifine as this only renders the text when you are near by, however not all players are aware how to install this or are not allowed too.

    I am currently using CraftBukkit, but this feature would certainly make me jump to using Spigot instead.

    Thank you,
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